Go Green!

Everyone loves to do their bit for the planet, reusing as much as they can. Here at Wooden Flamingo we hate to see anything go to the landfill, Sophie takes this so seriously she has taken to filling our house with anything she finds, channelling her Mum and the wombles.

Everything we make has something recycled in it or as part of the products manufacture, wooden signs are made from recycled wood recovered from pallets. Spindle chair/tables are made from well, recycled spindles. Our concrete vases/candle holders reuse the same moulds which are made from recycled wood/cardboard. Anything that can be made from something recycled is, not only does it help the environment its makes each piece unique as you never have the same piece of recycling twice.

So do something environmentally friendly today, you could rescue some cardboard or cans from the rubbish, or purchase one of our products from the ETSY store

If you do create your own recycled masterpiece we would love to see it so send us a picture!