This is my gran and Archer when he was a few weeks old. My gran had been poorly and my mum was a little worried she was becoming more and more fragile, so we decided to make the 3 hour trip to go see her so she could meet Archer. Archer’s middle name is Charlie, named after my uncle who died  just over a year ago. I found out I was pregnant with Archer about a month after he died, so Charlie was given in remembrance of him, which means an awful lot to my gran, who took his passing extremely hard.

I think we all know how important family and friends are, but sometime we all get too busy, and we forget to send the card, or to make that call, or to even just catch up with loved ones. When I remember something I have forgotten to do, or I think oh I should really give so and so a call I find myself saying are you really THAT busy? The truth is yes I am super busy, raising a baby, doing commissions and running a business takes a lot of work. But I still manage to find time to watch tv during the day, or to sit on facebook or pinterest…I really think I need to start fixing my priorities. Spend less time liking a status and more time chatting to friends and family face to face.

This year I made it my mission to get more organised with birthdays and special days like mother’s day. So far so good! I got cards and presents out on time, with even a day to spare. I think it’s nice, even if it;s just a card, to send to someone on their anniversary to let them know your thinking of them. Especially if like us you live miles away from all your family!  You could also look into getting a personalized gift from somewhere like DNA2Diamonds that they can cherish forever.

Talking on the phone  isn’t really the go to communicative route anymore, but for the older generations it means the world to them. I know when I ring my grandma or gran, they are thrilled to have a chat. Though with my dad and aunty being the tech savvy people they are, when they are with my grandparents, we facetime each other. They really enjoy seeing Archer over facetime. Thats for sure.

We get stuck in daily routines where we end up doing the same thing all the time. Again, we lose oversight of some of the more important aspects of life when we do this. If you’re just not able to spend quality time with someone you love, book some holiday and go away with them. You’ll be able to explore the country (or another country) together without having to worry about work or anything else. Whether it’s the beach, the hills or just a trip down the road to another city, it’s a great way to de-stress and spend some quality time together. Me and Richard try to make sure we see our other families as often as we can, though with his shift work, it’s not always the easiest, but when we can, we do.