Gift-giving is symbolic and meaningful. It can be both personal and indulgent. Gifts can be home-made or pulled from someone’s ultimate wish list and they show that we care and that someone is in our thoughts. So I thought I’d look at gift ideas for specific occasion. I’ve become the most organised version of myself, from buying  bunch of 1st birthday presents for all of Archer’s friends, to already starting my Christmas shopping. Oh yeah you heard me right..i’ve started already!


Your wedding, where should we start regarding gifts. Gifts for the wedding party, Mothers, possibly a gift to your other half…and the favors. Take a peek at or below for some cute wedding favors that will go down a treat.


cupcakefavor-532x800Natalie Bradley

First home; Even if your friend rents or has bought their first home, a new home gift is a great idea, it could be anything from a plant or candle, to a food parcel to get them through the dreadful unpacking living in boxes for the first week ( or 5 months like us) stage.


DIYHW2-500x750Magnolia Market

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Big birthdays, like 21st,30th or 60th you could do a journal filled with photos and prose about your time together, something rather cute, and meaningful.

Last but not least teacher presents. At the end of every school year, instead og getting the standard wine, chocolate of flowers, why not try some of these ideas.

12426937_f520Felt magnet

DIY-Thank-You-Gifts-for-Any-OccasionLive Randomly Simple

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