Things to remember when decorating your home

I have a big love for interior design and strongly believe you don’t need to be a professional to make your home look good. But with that in mind there are always a few things to remember.. It doesn’t matter whether I am designing a nursery or the living room, the tips below are always constant in my mind.


How practical is the room? I know that you want to be as stylish as possible, but you don’t want to swap style for substance. A beautiful renovation isn’t perfect because of its looks and its looks alone. It is perfect because it mixes its looks with functionality. Any room that doesn’t do what it should is not a room that is designed properly. So, before you make any final changes, have a look at your plans. Do they promote practicality, or do they forget about it altogether? to find out more, check out



My house is a reflection of my personality. I like to think that I am a happy and open person, so my house is full of colour and pattern which are reflected in my furniture and decor items. What about you? What are your defining personality traits? Try and answer that question and then imbue your home with as much of them as possible. I want to stress that it doesn’t have to be anything too personal like your mood. It can quite easily be a hobby that you love or something that reminds you of the happiest times in your life. As long as it personal to you, it will make your home unique.

LarnieNicolsonYare2Apartment Therapy

I love how colourful this room looks, and it’s packed full of personality. It makes it a unique place for the owner, a room that no one else could really recreate because it’s an expression of their individuality.


How well do your interior design choices mix with the existing elements of your home? For example, you might want to add curtains to your living room or bedroom. But, if you have decided to go with airy, light tones, curtains don’t harmonize. They block light instead of letting light in, so you would be better off with blinds instead. There are lots of little details like the one I have just mentioned that can affect the overall tone of your house. To find out more about them, visit


I love the variety of colour and texture of this room, but notice how it all goes perfect harmony. Sometimes it’s best to try things out because you never know if you don’t try. You might find a harmonious coupling of decor item and colour which just looks perfect in your home.

Finally remember to have fun. If a project is stressing you out too much take a step back and think about why you decided to do it in the first place, or if you actually need that item or feature that’s causing you so much hassle. If yes..get on with it. The hassle will be worth it in the end.

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I love how fun this room looks! All the texture and colour. Decorating should be fun! Hardwork but fun!! Enjoy guys.