I planted a bunch of sun flowers in our garden in Essex. Once they all sprouted up, we had about 15 spotted all over the garden and they looked amazing.

Gardening is a fantastic hobby as it is so accessible. No matter what age you are or what level of ability you have, there is always something you can do in the garden. Committing yourself to caring for your garden can help you to de-stress and improve your respiratory system. It can also provide you with more flexibility and strengthen your joints and muscles. Pulling out weeds, digging up the soil and carrying plant pots are just a few examples of how you will be using your body to create a beautiful garden. You’ll be so focused on the task in hand it won’t feel like you are exercising all areas of your body. If you fancy introducing more Super Fruits and tasty vegetables into your diet, you can also use your garden to plant you own. It’s no longer a hobby for just the older generation anymore! Growing your own food and being able to cut fresh flowers? Nothing to shabby about that! Hello fresh colour Instagram pics!

I love being a blogger! So I might be a bit biased. But it’s opened up so many opportunities and new things for me!

A blog can be a brilliant creative outlet where you can share you thoughts and opinions. It’s easier than ever to start your own blog on whatever topic you wish and is also a fantastic way of connecting with like-minded people. It may involve spending time indoors and long hours in front of a screen, but it can have amazing benefits on your mental health. It can improve your memory, relieve anxiety and encourage a more positive mental attitude. Your blog can help you take back control of your life and motivate you towards changing for the better. You can ask for guidance and share your experiences to help others. It could also become a source of additional income for you to enjoy and will improve your writing skills no end. Think about what you are passionate about and base your blog on this to keep your interested and focused.

Our meal the other day. Steak with a chilli dressing on fresh salad finished with pomegranate seeds! This was amazing. Super healthy, and the tang of the chilli paired with the sweet pomegranate was insane! We love a bit of cooking in our house! We just need the dream kitchen now!

A healthy lifestyle will always require a healthy diet. So instead of eating the same boring meals week after week, learn how to cook a new meal each week from scratch. It’s a fantastic way to relax, get creative and take control of what you and your family eat. You could try a recipe from a different country each week to improve your cooking skills. Or experiment with how you can make your favourite homemade snacks more healthy by adding and reducing ingredients. Browse cookbooks then experiment by changing little things. Some of our best meals have come from flukes!