So I am writing this post, in between naps while I lie in my bed in old jogging bottoms and a jumper. I have a stomach bug, or stomach flu, or I’ve eaten a demon. To the point I’m not great, but I have missed blogging this week, and so thought I’d share or over share my status and tips for being ill.

Tip 1

Juice cups, are gods gift. Take small sips and think back to your childhood playing at the park.


Tip 2

If feeling nauseous, like I do. Have the window open, lie down very still on your back, with your eyes closed and a cold compress. Don’t move at all until the sickness has gone away. Trust me, it works like 60% of the time..


Tip 3

Have some sort of entertainment at the ready, I am currently watching How I met Your Mother, while lying very still in bed. It helps, apart from when I laugh..


Tip 4

Have a boyfriend or friend who can stroke your hair, fill up your water glass and just generally cater to your every need. Thank you Richard.


Tip 5

Be as pathetic as you need to be and get as much rest so you feel better asap.


So there are my personal tips, and the best one is when you are feeling better and keeping dry toast down, ask your other half to get you your dream food of choice. (and beg to God that you don’t throw up ever again)


But to add to a nicer note I include some pretty flowers, because flowers make everything well slightly better, only slightly better as they sadly don’t hold a cure for sickness.

Hopefully I will be back to my old self tomorrow as I have a fun DIY post and exciting weekend plans.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


I’m back off to sleep. Speak soon x