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Are you thinking about asking one of the most important questions and getting engaged this year? If that’s the case, then hopefully these tips can help!

Find The Perfect Ring
Often you hear in television shows and movies the line “that’s the one.” They are usually referring to an engagement ring that they just happen to have found. The character knows in their heart that this is the ring they have to propose with. Funnily, that’s exactly what it should be like in real life. When you find a ring that you should propose with, you should feel it in your heart. To find the perfect, ring, it’s important that you complete a wide search. It doesn’t matter whether you find it online or on the highstreet. But you should, at least, make sure that it is from a jeweller, that way you can be sure it won’t turn her finger green!

Don’t forget that there are different cuts of diamonds to choose from. Women often have preferences on these cuts. Some love the idea of a princess cut while other do not like the square shape. You should, without being obvious, try to figure out what type she likes. Remember to ask these questions and the ultimate engagement ring could be just around the corner.

Choose The Right Time

When should you propose? The best advice we can give here is to avoid the cliché. We can think of hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t propose on Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  A better idea would be to pick either the day that you first met or the day of your first date. Your partner is guaranteed to be impressed you even remembered which day this was. As well as this, it provides a link to a time that is special to you as a couple, not to everyone in the world.

Find The Right Place

Lastly, you need to consider where you’re going to ask her. Again, you can link it to a memory. For instance, you could take her to the restaurant where you shared your first date. Or perhaps another place that is significant to your relationship. You may even want to plan an entire day around the proposal with a whole range of romantic activities. Alternately you could simply surprise her completely out of the blue when she is least expecting it. This is no guaranteed way to get a yes from a proposal. But if it feels right, you will.

Good luck!