Tips to making the most of having a newborn baby


So Archer is 3 month olds now. 3 months..crazy right? It’s been the hardest 3 months of my life. Totally worth it but boy do babies completely turn your life upside down. But the comment I always get when I talk about the sleepless nights and the teething troubles,(yes Arch has started teething already…I birthed a toddler apparently) is they aren’t little for long. Enjoy it. Which is exactly what I am and trying to do!

Times have changed since I was little. I remember my dad pulling out his 35mm camera and snapping away with the excitement of getting the photo’s developed and putting them in an album. Now we are in the digital age, a lot of the time we take pictures on our phones and with our digital cameras, pop them up on facebook send them to family friends over email and thats often where it ends. I’ve taken so many pictures of Arch, I find myself taking at least a couple a day. Normally funny positions or faces he’s pulling that I send to Richard while hes at work. But some of the more funny and cute ones I have got printed at Photobox. As there are so many vouchers for that site it really is cheaper sometimes then printing your own at home. That and my printer is on the brink so it’s a lot less stressful. I’ve started a photo album which I’m making into more of a scrapbook like I found the pictures I ordered were a little too big to fit in the slots. Look at the following link for a few tips for taking photos of babies. For example  be careful when it comes to using flash as it can be harmful for their little eyes which are still developing.

Newborn photos are very popular, and there are so many places ranging in different prices to get your little ones snapped professionally. This is a great option if you don’t have a fancy camera and you feel your phone pictures just aren’t cutting it for you! Or if you just want a few picutres that look utterly awesome.

But don’t forget to docuemtn the little things, even just how they change from month to month. A friend of mine told me how she took a picture of her daughter every month surrounded by the same toys to look at how she changed from each month to the next! I loved this idea and paired it with memory cards, which are super cute by the way, and the difference in Archer jsut over 3 months is crazy!


I love that Arch is flipping off Winston the whale in this picture, but look how tiny he is and how much he changes in the next 2 pictures.IMG_3972



It’s crazy how much he has changed in each picture. But I love I have this as a timeline. Why not start doing it now? Even if your baby is 6 months, there’s so much more change to happen, and sometimes it happens so fast you forget just how tiny they are and were.

Being a working mum can be super difficult, especially when you have to go back to work so many months after having your baby. I know a few of my friends who are going back to work in December and some not until later next year. All dreading the day when they have to leave their babies for the day when they go back. Which I think is another reason it’s so important to enjoy these first few months. I have found them emotionally and physically quite difficult, mostly due to Richard’s shift pattern and not having my mum down the road to be able to pop in and have a nap while she watches Arch. But even though I have found it hard, seeing Arch discover and learn new things is stupidly exciting. I’m lucky because I don’t have a job I will have to go back to in a hurry. I have the blog though, and sods law, as soon as Archer was born I had a large influx of commissions and blog post sponsors. So I’m spending my day time being a mummy and my night blogging and creating. Which if I’m to be honest. Is perfect.

I’ve struggled a bit with my moods and finding time to eat properly and such. I lived off toast pretty much the last month while Archer’s teething has been particularly bad. It’s shows in my energy levels and my waist line. But I’m learning ways to organise myself in order to survive the day. Tips I will perfect and tweak then share with you one day. But one tip which I really only came to realise the last couple of weeks is how important groups are. Many day’s I’ve stayed in especially if Arch is having a grizzly day..which has been my downfall. Going to groups, meeting other mums and eating cake is a great way to break your day up. It’s a place where you can swap tips and stories that will help you. You also discover that other mum’s are just as stressed and eat a lot of toast too.Plus there’s always someone there willing to hold your child so you can have a hot cup of tea and take a breather.

IMG_4278Richard chilling with Arch and it’s crazy how similar they are! Arch growns to be more like his daddy every day!


But all in all, enjoy family time and document everything because you never know what you might miss!




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  1. Leanne Marie

    such a lovely post, arch has grown SO much looking at those pictures! it’s definitely important to make the most of it, it’s great you can enjoy being a mum and still find time to blog x

    1. Sophie Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment, yeah it’s hard work balancing the time but I’m slowly finding a system!

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