Ok so I love being a mummy to a boy, but is it just me, or as soon as the babies enter toddler years, especially boys, the clothes options go down hill a bit..There are super cute under 2 baby boy wear, not a lot, but still super soft and cute but above tw can be a bit blah. Now I am aware thatArcher is growing up, and I’m not going to be able to dress him cutely for very long, but while I still have some say, I don’t see why the options for boys are so limited. I mean, I’m ok with some character and branded stuff, but whats wrong with fun prints and patterns? Why is it a lot of boys clothes tend to be polo shirts and jeans? It’s not the most comfy for active kids plus they tend to look like tiny men no? All I’m saying is if I’m dressing Arch to resemble a tiny man, by god he is going to be wearing cute trousers with braces, a shirt, cap and brogues. He’s going to be channeling an old-timer. That is for sure! Anyway, I have this discussion so often with my mummy friends who have boys, and they totally get where I am coming from. So I thought I’d show you a couple of outfits each month, which are comfy, affordable and not necessarily character based or jeans! So enjoy!



Ok so this outfit is from Zara, I find that Zara do some really cute pieces for toddler kids and older kids too, nice patterns and soft cottons which are nice and breathable. This outfit was super cheap too. The lightening bolt t-shirt was £3.99 and goes from 3 months-4 years old. So great age range. The banana joggers, which by the way are more blue in person and undeniably cute, are £6.99 and have the same age range. So that’s a super cute outfit for like £11.




I am all about pattern and bold colours, and this little outfit is on of my favourites. The fish patterned jumper is from M&S but they no longer have it which sucks, but they have a rather sweet t-shirt in the same pattern which is £3.50. The shorts are from H&M, they have tiny parrots on and they are £4.99. The age range for them are 4 months- 3 years. They are so fricking cute!



This black hooded romper which in the pictures below I paired with a grey t-shirt, is so light and easy to move in. I also paired it with a cute Mickey Mouse hat which I got from Tesco’s. Anyway back to this romper, it’s from Next but typically I can’t find it on their site anymore but this one here is similar and still super cute and ranges from sizes 3-16 years.


cute-boys-clothes-style,-pattern-and-colourThis little outfit is a little more laid back, with the crocodile comic like pattern. This top is from M&S and costs £6.00, the shorts are just from George ASDA, and are just your casual grey cotton shorts.


So there are my outfit picks for the month, sorry they are all creased, my iron broke..hopfully next month will be a little more neater. Plus I am always trying to get pictures of Arch wearing the clothes so you can get a better look of how they fit..below are my poor attempts haha!

baby-boy-toddler-style-cloths-idea-layout baby-boy-style,-toddler-boy-modeling-next-clothesThe romper really is the cutest, I haven’t got a picture of Archer in his Zara outfit as it only came today, but I will post one on instagram as soon as he is in it. Which will probably be tomorrow!


Have a lovely weekend all, and if you know of any cute places that do boys clothes let me know in the comments, or drop me an email x