Touches to make your living room look classy

The living room is one of the places in our home that we spend the most of our time in. So even at the moment when I have Archer’s toys scattered all around the room, I still want my living room to feel classy! It’s important that I feel proud of my home when people come to visit, rather than desperately trying to avert their eyes and keep them in the kitchen! Here are some touches you can add to your living room that will surprisingly make a big difference!




Thick fluffy throws over the back of your sofas will make your living room cosy as well as classy. They are also great to use if you have a fabric sofa and kids, a throw that has suffered a spillage is much cheaper to replace than a whole suite! I have learnt this, when Arch has managed to aim his various bodily functions across the room and it’s gone on my poor sofa.  Throws are also a great way to change the colour of your room without redecorating. A great tip if like me you rent, and the landlords aren’t budging on colour.Adding in some mixed coloured cushions is also a perfect way to inject both some vibrancy and variety into your living room. Anthropologie do some beautiful throws and pillows, like the ones below..but these may not be the best for you if you have a young children…but they are gorgeous. See them here.



A Chandelier


Jazzing up your lighting is another easy way to glam up your living room! Pick a unique antique chandelier to really make a statement. Picking one with little glass droplets hanging from it will catch the light and make a spectacle of your ceiling! If this isn’t enough for the room, invest in a floor lamp for the corner of your room. Having only this light on will make the room feel relaxed too.



Hardwood Flooring


As well as being practical and easy to clean, a hardwood floor is timelessly stylish. You could opt for a wooden floor, or if you are feeling extra upmarket perhaps look into a material like marble instead. Lay down a thick rug to prevent the room looking empty and there you have it!




Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers have the capability to brighten up any room; but choose the right ones and it can also make the room look much classier. Try peonies or white roses – just pop them into an expensive looking crystal cut vase for the perfect coffee table centrepiece!





Thick Picture Frames


Family photos are really important in the living room, it is your space to personalise after all! However, replacing your old family photo frames with some much thicker ones wouldn’t go amiss. This is an easy way to make a statement on your mantlepiece, without having to spend much money!


Choose Rich Colours


Picking colours like deep reds or purples to accessorise your living room is an easy way to make the room look traditionally classic. However, for a more modern feel, colours like silver can do just as good a job and also won’t make the room as dark as those deeper shades, or you could go for a statement, and just have one wall a block colour.



These are five easy ways to make your living room look extra classy, without having to spend too much money doing so. The classic look is timeless, so you won’t feel the need to start redecorating too soon either!


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