So as I turned 25, I have been thinking a lot recently about where I thought I would be by the time I was 25, and things I wanted to achieve, you know the usual things that go through people’s minds when they hit a certain birthday. I remember when I was little I thought I’d loose my virginity at the prom (too many American films) and by the time I was 22 I would be living in London, with a big career at my feet, dinning out every night, drinking champagne, and probably would have got a hold of my weight issues by this point, and 25 well I would have a house in a long term relationship.

Reality is better, I didn’t loose my virginity at Prom ( shocking I know, try a few years later) I’m still un sure of exactly where my career is going but I am happy working doing marketing or even bar work, while I try and build Wooden Flamingo up. Be that with our products, the blog or even some unknown adventure to come with it. Me and Richard rent a house in Essex, not quite London but it’s cheaper and maybe we will move closer one day, who knows, we live on a modest budget, and I still get to drink champagne on occassion and with the weight, well we know my issues with that. But I thought it would be fun to do a list of 25 things you may not know about me. Being as I am half way to 50 now… Lets roll on


1. So I am from a small town in Wiltshire, so yes I do have a slight accent, and yes its much more prominent after alcohol.

2.I suck my fingers, yes I know I am 25. I also twiddle my hair when I am especially tired.

3. I haven’t dyed my hair since May 2011. So what you see is my natural hair colour. Joy to the mousey colour.

4. I thought by now I’d have a career but am enjoying discovering new things.

5.I work part-time for a Audio and Visual company doing their marketing and photography.

6.I spent 5 months in Canada studying and I loved it. I could also murder a Tim Hortons French Vanilla right now. Here’s me painting a drag queen…


7.I like plants a lot and flowers too.

8. I also have a bit of obsession with stationary..

9. I got into celebrity big brother this year thanks to Richard’s sister Beth and for the first time ever I am watching the Normal series now, Marc or Jale to win…

10.I love peanut butter. Like a lot. One of my favourite things I invented with peanut butter is this. Peanut butter on toast with red onion and vinegar. Honestly try it…it’s amazing…

11. I have been with Richard for 2 years 7 months and 1 day…but who’s counting

12.Our home is completely filled to the brim. It is totally possible to out grow a house.

13. I make Richard watch Made In Chelsea. Spencer (Spenny) is his favourite character, mines Stevie.

14. I have wanted a dog for the last 15 years and 4 days

15. We rent a little house which is 111 years old and is falling apart…which doesn’t allow dogs.

16.I love travelling and have been very fortunate to go to lots of places.

17.I very rarely wear make-up. I can be lazy, plus was never very good at it. But I own about 20 lipsticks, which is one piece I’ll always put on if going out.

18.I have all these big ideas and plans but I’m not the most proactive..

19.I have a tattoo of a compass in a wave on my right wrist. I got it when I was 19 and no I don’t regret having it.

20.We had a fish called Bruce Banner, I was crazy sad when it died.

21.I used to do this thing when I was younger (up until like 20…) where if I dropped a piece of food like a crisp on the floor, I would place one next to it so it wasn’t lonely. I don’t think anything should be lonely…

22. I have a degree in Fine Art Photography and after interning, and submitting work to countless things, I feel I am not quite cut out for the cut throat world of ‘Art’ and rather plod along doing it because I enjoy it.

23. I like to write lists, even if things don’t get done…I have countless lists everywhere. My theory is it totally frees up space in your mind for other stuff..

24.I had a small car crash during my second year of uni where i literally kissed the car in front, no one hurt not even the cars that much, but it freaked me out and now I hate driving. Especially Richards car and especially in Essex…

25. I sleep on the right side of the bed…


So there you go maybe a few things you didn’t know about me. I would have put I’m a fan of Star Wars but if you didn’t know that already well, just read a few pages on the blog… it comes up once or twice. But I am very happy where I am right now, I figure regarding career something will pop up… I leave you with a picture of me high fiving an monkey. 


I am so excited for the weekend looking forward to seeing friends and family, plus look forward to some fun DIY and cooking post’s next week!!

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