Ok I gave myself the mission to try to put myself out there more on the blog, and so thought what better way then doing a fun valentines day shoot with my sister and my very talented friend Letty. Let me start off by saying that we started the day with 7 beautiful bright red heart balloons. By  the end of the day we had 3 left..1 we gave away to a lovely girl named Kat, check her site out here, and the other 3 got lost to the sky..thanks to poor tying (letty) and abby not grasping how strings work..lots of laughs and awkward poses later here are my favourite shots..

asos-curve,-curvy-girl-plussize-fashion-style-valentines-day-So incase some of you have never seen me, which is a high possibility because I really don’t post many pictures of myself on here. Here I am…totally regretted the nude tights in the end…black would have suited so much better…oh well. Surprisingly I don’t totally hate this picture. Letty is pretty good at managing to make me look less like a character from Wallace and Gromit.  I feel like I’m on this journey of trying to learn to appreciate, care and love my body. Since having Arch I’m probably at my biggest I have ever been, which is pretty much down to a few factors that I won’t go into for now, but it’s all a learning curve..isn’t it.

I need to do a big shout out to my best friend Letty for being the photographer/stylist and confidence booster for the day. Go check out her work because shes crazy talented. And shes like my saviour for most things!



Quite possibly my favourite picture of the shoot….


Abby wears New Look dungarees ( no longer available) , vintage top and Dr Martens boots..

I’m wearing pink pinafore dress from ASOS, which is sadly out of stock but here’s something similar. My coat is ASOS too..out of stock obvs..

My bag is, fun fact it’s actually a cooler bag, but it was too cute not to use as a bag. Quite possibly one of my favourite purchases EVER.


So we went to the beautiful Nottinghill Gate, where everyone dreams of living in one of the colourful houses, fun fact no.2 as I was posing in front of the pink house ( see pic below) the owner came back..not awkward at all..

Abby my darling sister looking effortlessly beautiful as always.




Here’s me before I awkwardly backed away from said pink house…

Here is wishing you all a lovely Valentines day or Galentines day xxx