Vintage gems. My love of vintage clothes

Ok so I have been collecting clothes for years now. I am the type of person who will see an amazing find and get it for the chance I loose tons of weight and become a size 6. So they stay safely kept in a clothes bag hanging up never to be worn again. Until now. I am sifting through some of my best items and photographing them for our Etsy shop. It will be a process of me picking the best pieces, having them cleaned and just generally making sure they are fit to send off. It’s pretty exciting! Anyway I have done a few pieces and here are a few pictures from the mock shoot. Hopefully the first few pieces will be up by the end of next week.




Denim jacket paired with a blue striped mid length skirt, Casual but feminine. I love how her face is out of focus. Reminds me of film photography.



I love this picture, my sister is annoyingly photogenic but tho Levi jacket is heat, plus everyone needs a denim jacket in their wardobe.


and With vintage pieces, you really have to trail around endless charity and thrift shops. Even looking at car boots and garage sales. I have so many pieces that I have collected from Canada, France, Italy the states. Everywhere. Whenever I go abroad I seek out flea markets and such. Remember to look at the material, and condition. Then always haggle. I have brought quite a few pieces in the past which I got for a steal which just needed a little bit of mending. And then there is ebay. Never doubt ebay. Look for pieces that are ending soon mid-day. Because thats when it’s quiet and things go for a steal. Also because I am not just looking for things in my size. (which can be difficulut when your a 16-18) I have a wider range of things to pick from. Some of my most prized pieces are sequin beauties in great condition. But it’s time to move them on. And give them a new home. Selling off my pieces in acid free packaging, drycleaned or steamed with some styling tips shoved in there too!!


So will let you know when the vintage collection launches!!