Ok, so I’m not a huge fan of wall paper..sometimes having the same repeated pattern on a wall is boring in my eyes. Also with wallpaper trends, quite often you find everyone has the same type of colour and themed wallpaper in their homes. But I wanted to have a feature wall in our spare room, and so I started my hunt for some wall paper. In my mind I wanted to go with a botanical theme, which was fun a and vibrant, but when looking at the usual wallpaper outlets, nothing really jumped out at me..so I went to my go to place for fun and unique stuff. Etsy. and  I end up  finding so many different wallpaper options. The majority of them are also removable wallpapers so yay for renters too!

wallpaper-etsy-removable-renters-trick-wishlist-favourite1. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £27.26+     2. Banana wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+    3. Eye lash wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+                                 4. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £7.19 +      5. Pineapple wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+  6. Whale wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+                                   7. Palmleaf wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+   8. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+


So as you know I’m rather loving the cactus theme  (see my top etsy picks for cactus stuff here) hence there being so many cactus options above. But it’s not just that, I think I’m drawn to bright greens and blue tones. They make me happy and I want our spare room be vibrant, happy and fun! So far I haven’t decided to put wallpaper anywhere else, bar the spare room and possibly our laundry cupboard. ( I’m thinking cute wave wallpaper, very appropriate in my eyes). But who knows my tastes may change. I feel like the house is going to be one of those 5 year projects. Which probably means that by the time I finish the last room, no doubt ours, I will probably be ready to update the decor again…and so the cycle will continue.


I’ll do an update on the house soon…it’s a mission and a half I’ll tell you that!


Hope you all had a good weekend!

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