So it’s taken me forever to do this post, because well Christmas happened, and the run up to Christmas was super crazy. Cue illness, nightmare toddler and trying to build a booth to seat 10 people for our second Christmas with Richards family on Boxing day. So time escaped me, but I’m super excited to tell you about our mini trip to Warsaw.

So we just went for two days and it was completely baby free..but being in a different country was super difficult..I missed my little guy so much, but it was nice to have some time to ourselves, because you kind of forget your life before kids…like going out past 7pm and not worrying if you both get completely wasted or sleep in past 7am.

So Richard planned the whole thing, I know crazy romantic and a complete surprise to me, and thanks to his friend from work, we were able to stay at her mum’s  apartment while she was over here (which was amazing) and were given some tips of where to go etc..

So it was freezing..but if your thinking of visiting Poland, I’d highly recommend Warsaw, and going at Christmas was truly magical, there were just lights everywhere.

So here is what we did, first off we went to Old Town, where there was a mini Christmas market, and little stores. So this little area is truly beautiful, if you’re looking for instagrammable places, here is one for your list. The buildings were just beautiful and quaint and lots of different colours, and me and Richard both remarked how clean Poland was…like I honestly didn’t really see any rubbish on the floor or anything like that. Was just a lovely little place to have a wonder.

In Old Town there’s a building next to a church, where you can pay 5 S which is about a £1 to climb up a lot of steps…to get to a viewing deck. This is worth it, my legs were shaking by the end, but I’d do it again in a heart beat for the view!



This is the view, isn’t it just incredible totally worth me having burning thighs for the rest of the day..some serious house goals right there…love the little skinny pink one.

couple-mini-break-child-free-cheap-poland-warsawStandard selfie from above..FYI it was seriously freezing..so if you go around December pack some layers people!

After we walked around Old Town, we then decided to walk to the Palace of Culture. Which took us about an hour or so (with lots of stopping in shops). This is a must. They have a viewing deck which is 30 floors up…and don’t panic there’s a lift. It’s a little more expensive being 25 s each, but that’s still only about £5. We timed this one carefully, as I wanted to get up there to catch the golden hour, (just before sunset) and to get some night photos too. Luckily there’s a lovely coffee shop at the top where you can stop for a bite to eat while you wait for the sun to go down to take your second loop of the viewing deck for some night pics. This is a must to truly get a sense of house beautiful Warsaw is.

museum-of-kulture-poland-warsaw-mini-break-cheap-viewing-deck-must-see-touristCatching the golden hour, how beautiful is this, you can just about see the sheer amount of pink in the buildings…I was in love!


museum-of-culture-30-floors-up-viewing-deck-mini-escape-cheap-trip-poland-warsawTaken from a different side, showing the city at night, take it from me, make this a must stop if you plan to go to Warsaw, and go up about 40 mins before sunset to capture some beautiful landscapes.

Also as a side note, the decor inside the Palace of Culture is very pink and super modern and amazing..


museum-of-culture-christmas-warsaw-poland-travel-mini-escape-cheapThe impressive building from the outside, am a bit in love with that green, and you can get an idea of how pretty their Christmas lights are.


Back to the pretty buildings, there was so much pink everywhere…I had a theory that maybe they mixed the colours of the flag white and red…but Richards friend Klaudia ,whose mums apartment we were staying in..says the pink doesn’t mean anything…but still stupidly pretty. Here are some serious house goals..





poland-warsaw-pretty-houses-interior-designJust look at the blue hues with the gold detail…I mean I was crushing hard over some of these buildings.

pretty-buildings-picture-esq-instagrammable-places-warsaw-poland-old-townSo much pink!

pretty-buildings-beautiful-architecture-landscape-mini-break-cheap-poland-warsawOld town was just full of quaint little buildings and alley ways leading to hidden treasures, could have spent another day there exploring.


So after we did the Palace of Culture, we got a tram back to Old Town to eat some perogies (amazing) and to take in all the pretty Christmas lights, including their huge Christmas tree below. Now reagrding transport they have trams and the metro and it was about 22s (about £4) for a 24hour ticket, which would start from your first journey, so if you got the ticket at 11am, it would last til 11 am the next day. Plus the system was pretty simple too.


Look at that tree! So many lights so much glitter…kind of puts our Trafalgar one to shame a little…well especially this year..

perogis-poland-warsaw-must-eat-amazing-old-town We ended our last evening eating our weight in perogies (from a vendor cooked in front of us)  then made our way home, stoping to pick up some more perogies to cook back at the apartment. Which was a minimalistic decor dream…with some serious bathroom goals

just look at this tub.


Crazy stuff! So that was our trip, it was beautiful, cold and crazy colourful. We walked til my hip literally hurt from the cold as if I had become 80 years old, and I brought some rather unusual keepsakes…a pink wooden horse we have called Jeremy and some fluffy boots for Arch..it’s a place I’d love to return too, maybe when slightly warmer so we could take Arch, but definitely put this one on your bucket list guys.

Tomorrow i’ll do a little Christmas update, hope you all had a lovely Christmas though!