So after a 3 year-long engagement, me and Richard finally got married at Stones Barn in the Cotswolds in November last year (2017). It was completely and utterly worth the wait, and the day itself was just amazing. We got our photos back from our amazing photographer Mary Anne, and I couldn’t be happier. So here’s our wedding day and sorry for the sheer amount of pictures to follow…I’ve tried to limit them..tried..

Sophie & Richard-51Sophie & Richard-48

So I don’t want to talk tons about all the pictures…because the post is already going to be mega long, but I will talk through a few things. So here is my dress. I was pretty adamant that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress. 1. Because there were things we wanted for the wedding that weren’t going to be cheap. And 2. because I have a 2 year old who within the first few hours was likely to cover me with brownie or juice or dribble. Luckily I found my perfect dress for a very reasonable price from ASOS. Also my shoes were ASOS too! Then I got the cardigan from Zara. Do note this all came together about a 2 weeks before the wedding..

Sophie & Richard-44 Sophie & Richard-42

My flower crown and bouquet came from The Electric Daisy Flower Farm.  Fiona the florist, is by far one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I didn’t really have a colour scheme for the wedding, I just wanted a lot of colour, and she did the most beautiful arrangements for my crown and bouquet. We also order the mens button holes, and you can order buckets of flowers so you ca DIY some yourself. So I did the main arrangement for the top table, and I held a little DIY bouquet workshop with the my bridesmaids the night before the wedding. While that was all happening Zoe ( my assistant who I’ll talk a bit more about later)  and my mum did the rest of the table flowers. It was such a fun thing to do the night before, plus the smell of all the fresh flowers were just amazing.

Sophie & Richard-119

That’s my floral arrangement there..it’s the first time I’ve ever done something to this size, and not going to lie I winged it. Thankfully it all worked out. Our balloon banner came from The Pretty Little Party Shop,  and a big thanks to the Husband and his best man Chris and his wife Lizzy for putting it together!

Sophie & Richard-81

The bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS too (sensing a theme) and I actually managed to get them in the sale. We went for a nice peach coloured dress with a contrast light blue shoe…which I’ll tell you now took a LONG time to agree on.

Sophie & Richard-68 Sophie & Richard-50

When it came to the gifts for the bridal party me and Richard decided to get each person a pin for them to wear on the day of something that reminds us of them. My sister above got a nutella one..she eats a lot of nutella..yup. Anyway. We also got the men handmade ties from the same place Richards suit came from, and the bridesmaid got a decorated bag each (DIY-ed by me) filled with a few little things. ( I’ll do a separate post on the gifts soon.)

Sophie & Richard-46

Sorry I will now actually put pics up of us at the wedding..

Sophie & Richard-113

Stones Barn really is just magical. We had decided that we only wanted the ceremony to be small…and short. So we only had immediate family and bridal party in there with us. Me and Richard aren’t the most comfortable being the centre of attention, and so this was a perfect solution. I walked down the aisle to Sigur Ros, Hoppipola, playing on our record player which was plugged into the amps. Let’s just say it sounded incredible and I had goosebumps the whole time.

Sophie & Richard-104

So here’s me in my dress..I have to say that even though the dress only cost a little, I really did feel amazing in it. I think no matter how much a dress costs. It could be second-hand or costs thousands, as long as it’s a dress you feel comfortable and beautiful in, it really doesn’t matter. And I honestly did. Even though I had a temperature and a chest infection. And even though it was raining. That dress was perfect for me. And I loved wearing it.

Sophie & Richard-139

I feel like the above picture, really sums up the day. And Mary Anne caught it beautifully. I wanted the day to be relaxed and fun. And me and my dad cracking up over him giving me away was just perfect.

Sophie & Richard-122

Look at these two. Richard decided pretty early on he wanted a blue tweed suit, and luckily we found the perfect place close by. The Vintage Suit Hire Company  are a family run business, they are such lovely people, and the suits are just to die for. So much so Richard decided to buy his suit. We even got a little waistcoat made for Archer out of the same material. The other groomsmen hired their suits from Coes. The idea was to have Richard standout.

Sophie & Richard-161Sophie & Richard-169 So we had our other guests wait outside where the ceremony was so we could walk out to confetti..while Edward Sharpe, Home was playing…

Sophie & Richard-171

Didn’t take long for Arch to steal the show..

Sophie & Richard-206 Sophie & Richard-217 Sophie & Richard-226

Our bridal party were truly the best. The bridesmaid made hundreds of pom poms and tissue paper flowers, while the groomsmen (especially Chris the best man) kicked Richard into gear with the few tasks he was left to do!

I also can’t go without saying the day would never of happened without either of our parents..We both love you all!

Sophie & Richard-230 Sophie & Richard-232

So I’ll talk a few details then ill finish off with some mushy pictures! I had a very particular way, that the wedding was going to go. It was going to be fun, colourful and relaxed..

Sophie & Richard-415Sophie & Richard-118

I wanted a flower back drop, which my friend Alex and her partner Jon were really the masterminds behind, we had our Polaroid camera set up for the guest book.  Our guest book is full to the brim of great pics, funny (some drunken) ramblings and lots of lovely cards from all our guests. It will be something I think we both will cherish forever.

Sophie & Richard-442 Sophie & Richard-436

We had a sweetie bar, a hot chocolate bar and smores as favours. I planned for everyone to go back home completely high on sugar. A big thank you to this guy Jamie, who did all my lovely signs, And Letty one half of my maid of honour, who well is just my general saviour.

And this beaut, my sister, the other half of my maid of honour who just keeps me in hysterics!

Sophie & Richard-429Sophie & Richard-431Are we bored yet? No? Great. Look at him..how is my son so bloody photogenic..I mean just look at this picture!!

Sophie & Richard-313

This was our cake, made by two lovely ladies, who are just the best. Me and Richard had picked two cakes, which I had combined in a drawing to make this cake..and they made all this from a simple drawing I sent them. The flavours were bloody amazing too. Peanut butter, red velvet, chocolate, fun-fetti and gluten free lemon. Every flavour was to die for. It was all just perfect.

Sophie & Richard-35 Sophie & Richard-7 Sophie & Richard-3I’ll do a separate post on my DIY napkins, kids boxes and table numbers, but here just gives you an idea of how everything looked. Also the White vases were from Poundland and I spray painted them white…bargain no? These were the flowers my assistant Zoe and my mum did. Now I’ll mention Zoe, because she truly was a life saver. I can be quite the perfectionist sometimes, and so I decided early on I wanted someone there for the day who could make things run smoothly. In walks  Zoe. Not only did she make sure everything ran smoothly. She did my hair and my make up, and  bonded with everyone. She was loved by all and a bloody life saver! It meant I was relaxed the whole day knowing that there was someone checking times, re-filling sweets, manning the hot chocolate bar and generally making sure everything went smoothly. I should also mention that Clayton who worked with us at Stones Barn was bloody  remarkable too!

Sophie & Richard-268 Sophie & Richard-263 Sophie & Richard-272Sophie & Richard-457

I really can’t praise Mary Anne enough. She really was just amazing, She wasn’t intrusive, it was like she was part of the family, even more so as my dad backed into her car and dented it..even with that she made a laugh of it. She was the perfect choice for the day!


And lastly a shout out to the kids and the rest of our guests for really making our wedding day a one to remember!

Sophie & Richard-500Sophie & Richard-419Sophie & Richard-396Sophie & Richard-350

Especially this munchkin Thea who kindly shared her Second birthday with our wedding day, we got all the guests to sing to her, so hopefully its one she will remember!

Sophie & Richard-348Sophie & Richard-191

Was that too long….sorry.. It’s only a snippet of the amazing photographs. Don’t fret. I’ve ordered an album to put them all into, and I’ll be posting them on instagram for like the next billion years!


Hope I didn’t bore you all too much.


Mrs Sanders.