Wedding Anniversary, 32 years

So today is a simple post, and it’s just really congratulating my parent on their wedding anniversary which was yesterday. They celebrated 32 years yesterday. 32 years! Now that is an achievement, the lovely thing is, is that they are still very much in love. I should probably take a moment to thank them for the last 25 years for everything they have done for me. But yes I love them both dearly, even with dad sporting that moustache.


my dad looking very young indeed.


My mum looking very beautiful, and how gorgeous is her dress? I love the simplicity. The lovely thing about these photos, which my dad posted yesterday on his facebook, is that a couple of them I had never seen before. Plus they were shot on medium Format Hassleblad. 6×6. Hence the square frame. I have used this type of camera so many times at uni, and it is truly beautiful that their wedding was shot on it. I’d love to have a few photos of mine and Richards shot on a medium format. You could have the negatives forever, and I could hand print our own photos.





Don’t they look happy. Here is wishing, if not a little belated, happy anniversary to my wonderful mum and dad.



And a quick photo of them in Italy looking just as loved up!


have a lovely weekend all!