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As we fast approach  into the sizzling heat of June, we are surrounded by the wedding fever summer craze.  I know about 8 people who are getting married within the next couple of months and for the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to attend many weddings, especially in summer, very frequently one being after the other. There’s a noticeable difference to the amount of weddings I go to now that I’m in my twenties. All of a sudden everyone around you is getting married, and your not kids in the playground any more..

So with the theme in mind, I thought I would tell you about some of our latest wedding decor.

As well as a range of signs, for any couple and every couple. We also do personalised signs for you for your special day and with the wedding fever in mind, we will be announcing some new exciting items to make any wedding pop in June! We will also be announcing a new exciting competition soon too!

Mr and Mrs






These signs have proved rather popular and I look forward to trying out some new variety of fonts and colours…












Wedding signs


We can also do a range of fonts, colour, sizes etc. If you have a question just email us at or go to our Etsy page.


On another note I am soo looking forward to the weekend! Hope you guys have a great weekend too!! x




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