Being invited to a wedding is a big honour. Whether you know the couple well or not, a wedding invite shows they want you to be present on the biggest day of their life. Once you accept their invite, the pressure is now on to find a suitable outfit.  I don’t know about you but I hate event dress shopping. And I’m going to be honest with you I have made so many mistakes with outfit choices for weddings, which have left me wanting to hide under the covers.

But to help you guys out here’s my advice when shopping for wedding outfits. Learn from my mistakes.

Don’t dress too seductively

In most cases, weddings are family events which children and elderly relatives are usually present at. So it’s vital that your wedding guest outfit is not too seductive or daring. I broke this rule. I wore a rather short, shorter than I realised, dress to a wedding and accidentally flashed more than one of the guests.. Not fun! To make it worse I don’t think I was wearing great knickers either!

Also steer clear of sheer fabrics and low-cut tops. Do the bend over test, do your boobs come out? Or when sitting down does the dress ride up? Is there any chance of a massive dress malfunction resulting in a body part being exposed? No? Grab that dress!

Wearing white

Yes an obvious one I know, but to avoid this I had to dye my white dress lilac. I considered getting another dress but at the time I was 35 weeks pregnant and huge, so being comfortable was my main priority. But I did it. For the bride I dyed my dress purple. Because I’m good like that.

Even if white is your favourite colour to wear, avoid it at all costs don’t be the dick who tries to upstage the bridzilla might end up coming after you.

Instead use this opportunity to discover new colours that suit your skin tone. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and experiment with colours you’ve never considered before….any colour…except white..duh.

If you can’t get the idea of a white outfit out of your mind, take my advise and just go with white accessories. You can wear white pearl drops or use a white handbag to complement your outfit.

You need two pairs of shoes

Heels can help a woman walk taller and feel more confident…if they can walk in heels. Which I can not. So hello to big outfit disaster at a wedding number 2. Heels +me + grass….you get the picture. I was sinking like nobody’s business and ended up with muddy feet and eventually I physically couldn’t walk or stand. I just couldn’t  endure wearing the heels anymore. Hello bare muddy feet,with the short dress. It just summed up the day really. If you’re not into heels but want to try them again, start off small with a kitten heel! And please please take a spare pair of flats with you.  Unless you want to have blistered and painful feet throughout the wedding. So just invest in a pair of flats. Getting cute ones that fold up and fit in your bag? Perfect!

Getting the tone of the wedding right

Bad outfit 3. Trying to go bold when everyone else was classy…I don’t mind being a little bold in my fashion choices, but when you clearly stick out in photos because of your patterned dress and hot pink velvet clutch (oh yes!) maybe it’s an idea to think about the person who’s wedding it is…and the venue.

Take my bad experiences and learn from them. Dressing the part can add to the experience and can help make it the perfect wedding for the special couple. So make sure your wedding guest outfit is remembered for all the right reasons.


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