So to me the photography at our wedding will be pretty important. There’s a reason it’s has been the only aspect of our big day that i have had planned, our photographer Mary Anne weddings, is a friend from uni,who is rocking the wedding circuit, and I know that she will be able to capture our day perfectly. But it’s not all down to the photographer. It’s best to come up with a list of shots that you particularly want, if you’re not sure, there are tons of ready done lists out there that you can just edit. It’s good to just give them a rough idea.

A great thing about everything being online, and the lovely world of blogging, is that if your lucky enough your venue might be on one of the many wedding blogs, and you can get ideas from other brides who have had their wedding at your venue. So I have some must have shots, which are all from weddings at our venue! If you haven’t read our post from last week, that’s right we have a venue, next year we will be getting married at Cripps Stone Barn.

robbins-photographic-industrial-rural-wedding-cotswolds-37Rock My Wedding

Ok so a popular shot, is of the bride before she goes to the church or venue, this can be of her getting ready, just about to walk down the aisle, or if you’re doing the fancy car thing of her getting out the car. This can be particularly effective if you’ve hired a vintage car or limousine. If you haven’t organized your transport yet, you might want to consider VIP Chauffeur Car Hire who provide luxury cars for weddings. Or you can get a lovely shot like the on above of the bride and groom posing with their car.

michelle_lindsell_photography_ellie_harley_rmw-191Rock My Wedding

Every bride should aim to have at least one or two portraits of them in their full wedding outfit. Especially as it’s the one day where its ok to be the centre of attention and your only going to get one chance to wear your weeding dress.This photo will remind you of just how beautiful you looked on your wedding day when you look back it in years to come. Consider where you intend to get ready before your wedding begins and choose possible locations where this photo can be taken.  If you would prefer to have this picture taken at your wedding venue, aim to visit before your big day. This gives you a chance to scout some possible locations for your portrait both indoor and outdoor. The lighting above is just gorgeous, and so is the bride.

Nicola & Ross wedding

Rock My Wedding

When you first lock eyes with your partner on your wedding day, it will be difficult to hide your emotions. This is a genuinely wonderful photo for your photographer to capture and is bound to be a favorite from your big day. Some couples prefer to see each other for the first time when the bride enters the church or venue. Whereas others like to see each other before the ceremony starts. It’s up to you to decide what you think might work best. But remember to keep your photographer informed of your plans. To make this moment even more spectacular, look for inspiration on Pinterest to see what other couples have done with theirs.

Here are some more shots that I think are a must. A few shots of you and your partner, outside the venue maybe, just you both. I love this pic below especially as it’s raining and they still look like they are having fun.

michelle_lindsell_photography_ellie_harley_rmw-252Rock My Wedding

emma-jake-68Rock My Wedding

Having pictures of all the little details are a must too. You spent ages deciding and crafting so why not have images to remember them. The cake, the stationary, the flowers and decor.

daniela-sam-520_0Rock My Wedding

Like I said above these are all weddings from our venue, and I love the outside sparkler shot! Perfect for a winter’s evening.

If you still need help compiling a wedding shot list for your photographer, take a look at the extensive checklist on The Knot website. Alternatively, why not ask your wedding photographer to help you. Remember guys have fun with it.