Wedding Wednesday’s: 2 Year Countdown /16

Ok so we are at the 2 year mark and I have actually booked something for the wedding. The photographer. She’s amazing and she’s a friend and I seriously can’t wait. I will do a big post on her closer to the time for you guys, because you all need to see her work.

But yeah two years, it’s crazy how quickly the months are going by. I really have to step it up a notch now, find a venue at least. But hey two years should be enough right?

But yeah crazy crazy. There a few things I have sorted out, the budget, guest list and possible colours are on the go. Here are my last few choices of colours.


01 estelle_01


These are all from color collective, my  choice of colours is peach with mint greens and blues…I really like the green and peach in this palette.


05 danalee_ss2012

And I really like this grey blue in this palette. I have in my mind that I want certain shades of colours, but I suppose I probably won’t be able to be that picky. Will I.



I love this peach too it’s just a tad warmer then the the first image. But I think i’d like peach as my main colour, then the blue and green to compliment it.

So I have looked into floral arrangements which use similar colours to give myself an idea.



I love this arrangement, with the peach and foliage. This is from Hey Wedding Lady.




But this one is just beautiful, with the succulents greens and blues and the peach accent flowers. This is the colour range I was thinking for the flowers. This is from Wedding Chicks. But hey guys we are getting there…