As continued from last week I am still on my cake adventure looking at different options, so these are the more out of the box choices. So above we just have tons of different pies. There’s an option for everyone. This could be fun, like a bakery, having different cake options. This is from Bridal Musings.  You could even put a request line on the invite, there add up the favourites..


Who doesn’t love doughnuts. and with a cake tier on top, you get the best of both worlds. I love the blue icing with the yellow petals too!! This is from Wedding Wire.  Different fillings could be fun, maybe try and create your own bespoke filling?


I am loving how this looks, floating tiers instead of stacked tiers…plus cheesecake?? This is from So Feminine. 


If your more of a savoury lover there’s always the option for cheese..The heart ones on top are kind of cute. It’s a lot of cheese though…and do you think you supply chutney and crackers with it?? This is from here. 


Same with the cheese does this come with milk? Saves the fee of having the cake cut though. If you get married on 420 day…could make them special. Kidding. .. Anyway this is from So feminine again. Plus side if you get married in the summer, leave them by the window let them get a little bit gooey.


Now this looks amazing. Would it be bad to have two cakes. One made from macaroons and one cake? Too much? This is from here. Flavours are endless, but this would need to be refrigerated..


The options nowadays are crazy, cupcakes, patisseries, mini trifles, fruit salad. You could have anything, the possibilities are endless, I think I need to start drawing all my wants together. I am more interested in cake flavour at the moment. I want some unique ones. Peanut butter, red velvet, lemon, you know? Need to do some cake tasting!


Speak soon all