So I thought a great way to follow up last week’s DIY bridesmaid cards were dresses. Now I have already had comments from my Bridesmaid telling me colour thats don’t suit them, features they don’t like it’s quite  tough decisions picking bridesmaid dresses that they will like and what will suit everyone. I have been a bridesmaid a few times, and although I have enjoyed sometimes the dresses weren’t the right thing for my shape, and so felt slightly uncomfortable in them. So always took a dress to change into after all the pictures and sit down meal. Ok so I have a lot of bridesmaid all different shapes, sizes and complexions, so It’s going to be a long one picking some dresses out. But there are ways!



Option 1. You give your bridesmaid a colour, and let them choose a few dresses in that colour. ( you pick the final one). So all your bridesmaids go together and are happy.


Option 2. Give them a few options to try from. And possibly a few colours so it’s the same dress, but in different colours. As we all know, colours can make a big difference to how people wear a dress.


Option 3. remind them it’s your big day and pick what you want!.


Ok anyway I have been scouring the internet at some big highstreet names, looking at many many bridesmaid dresses I think were look good in different seasons.


Ok so my Autumn choices which fall into September, OCtober and November, are these. Note I haven’t gone for Autumn traditional colours, I think i’ve looked at more dresses, which in a way can be practical in the weather, colour choices and ones I think look pretty. Ok so from L-R.

This blue number, which offers a more cooler tone, I think is soo pretty and the lace detail reminds me of leaves, hence being an autumn choice for me. ALso would look lovely with a shawl or little jacket, which might be needed in the cooler months. This is from ASOS and is £48 which isn’t too bad for a bridesmaid dress. Tights could be worn nicely with this too. Just because your getting married in the cooler months, doesn’t mean you need to think long warm dresses. Accessories with cute gloves, and shawls. Maybe even hats!

Next we have a maxi dress, which is rather sparkly and glamourous. This paired with a faux fur shawl would add instant glamour to your bridesmaids. This is from Debenhams and is £175. So slightly more expensive. Although I have never been a fan of maxi, don’t ask me why…I don’t know I just haven’t.

Next we have this warmer darker rose colour dress , which is more on the traditional style for a bridesmaid dress. It is lovely. This is also from Debenhams and is £89. 



Next we have spring, with the months of March, April and May falling into this. Clearly I was attracted to greens for this bar my statement black piece. So starting from L-R. We firstly have this. Now like I said above I am not into maxi’s that much, but I love the relaxed lok of this, so much that this might be on my list. (bridesmaids beware haha). I love the sleeves and the shape, pair it with a contrasting colour shawl. Perfect. Maybe I should have put this in Autumn? Anyway this is from Asos and at a money saving £45, I think it’s a bargain and a dress you can wear again and again.

Next we have another mint green number, Spring is about fresh colours, new flowers sprouting, baby animals being born and such. This is a really simple outfit, great for those laid back weddings, where people can let loose. I mean come one my bridesmaid could twerk in these dresses! This is from Top Shop and is £48 . Thoughts?

Next is my statement bridesmaid dress. Now we know how beautiful monochrome can look, and these black dresses are stunning. Great for your black tie event! From ASOS but it’s £189.  Which might set you back just a little…Summer-bridemaids-dresses

And now Summer, where the months of June, July and August fall into. Quite possibly the most popular time to get married. I went for some really bright and colourful choices, mostly cocktail style, but also fun and eye catching. So from L-R. This cute little heart print dress is from ASOS and is £90. Slightly on the pricey side but I love the 50’s shape of the straight across neck line. Pattern dresses can be so much fun too!! I’d love the idea of getting something similar made, using different patterns in the same colour.ah cute!

Next we have this little number from Debenhams which is £135 slightly more on the traditional side, it’s such a pretty colour, with the striped detail and a good length for warm summer weddings.

Then we have this little slim sexy number, very sleek and sexy, maybe too sexy for bridesmaids, guess you don’t want them out doing you..kidding. but this is from ASOS and is £95. I kind of love it as a dress…not just a bridesmaid dress..haha



And last but not least winter. The months December, January and February hit this time of year, and so not trying to hit too many sterotypes with winter like colours, I have a fw different options. Starting from L-R we have this dark grey lacy number, which is quite cool in colour and tone, so would fit right in with a winter wedding. This is from House Of Fraser and is £149. 

Next we have this peachy number which with the sleeves and length’s I think would be great for a cooler wedding. This is from ASOS and is £80. Bit steep, but the beading detail is lovely.

Lastly we have this dress from Ted Baker from House of Fraser which is  £179. Wowza I know, but it does look beautiful and I am always a sucker for floral obscure patterned dresses.

Now I am not the speaker of what dresses you wear in what season, I just had some fun looking at lots and hope maybe it might help you finding your bridesmaids dresses! haha


Speak soon!



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