Wedding Wednesday’s: Bridesmaid giftbags/ 24

Ok so groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts are a given, as are a bunch of flowers for both mothers and something for the fathers, it’s tradition right? so I am looking at a cute way to say thank you to the bridesmaids don’t worry i’ll cover the other guys some point in the future too. I love the idea of making up a cute gift bag for my ladies, and here are a few things which I think every girl needs/wants.


First thing first you need a super cute bag to hold the goodies in! And these are awesome. From the infamous I could spend so much money on this website. They also have a few different designs, so why not mix and match to your bridesmaids costing $20 See it here. I feel like as the bride..i’d probably need one too..







One more thing from are these little purses which come as a set, great for make-up or bits and bobs they might need on the day. Hey you might even be able to fit in a know wedding day essentials…and lipstick..lipstick is a given. These are $10 and you can get them here.



An amazing candle is a must in a goodie bag for your bridesmaids, also when ever they light it they have to think of you and your awesome day. This is from Anthropologie and costs £12. Get it here.


Cute heart neon stickers, well come on its for a day of love right? and no matter how cliche hearts can be at weddings, you have to sneak them in just a little bit! These are from Knot & Bow on Etsy and cost £2.69. Get them here.


Well these are awesome no? A cute little piece of art, something a bit different to give your bridesmaids. From Kims Little Monsters on Etsy and cost £6. Get them here. They also do tons of other types of animals too.


A cute postcard to write a heartfelt note of thanks, or a nice memory…probably drunk memory! Make your bridesmaids feel special and awesome…heck chuck some confetti in there too! This is from Seventy Tree on Etsy and costs £1.70. Get it here.



Lastly the comfort option, chunky comfy socks, these look soooo warm and fluffy..these are from Anthropologie and cost £16.00 get them here.


So I am pretty excited about making little gift bags for my bridesmaids…but I have quite a few so for cheaper options here are some cute DIY’s which can go in the bags too!



You can make these cute macaroons and put them in a pretty box, sooo yummy. Get the recipe here at Sugar and Cloth.



A cute scented mist, is a must for the big day, especially if everyone is getting flustered. Keep yourself calm and make this for your bridesmaids. From Design Love Fest.



Make these cute glasses, to have a cheeky champagne before the big day, personalise them with the bridesmaid names. From here.


So there are a few ideas that won’t cost the earth but will make your bridesmaids feel special!