Ok so I still have no idea on possible colours for the wedding. I don’t want to be pushed into a corner of using autumn colours just because of the time of year we are hoping to get married. I love blues and greens, but I want some warmth in there too. Gah it’s so exciting and there are just too many colours to choose from.  So here is where I introduce the awesome blog that is Color Collective. Which I am going to use to help me decide. So this site is run by Lauren Wager, and what she does, which sounds simple, but so  so so genius, is she takes images she likes from around the web, and provides the colour palette for them below… It’s amazing, it’s so effective and it’s crazy helpful. So I have spent all morning going through her website, looking for possible colour combinations that may prove to be inspirational for mine and Richards wedding.



So these are very much autum colours, I’m not sure about these combo’s but the peach, orange and yellow look lovely together. Image from Design Sponge. Taken from Apartment Living taken by Fernando Bengoechea.

15 emmafreemantle_01c

I love these colour’s together, possibly having the peachy/salmon as an accent colour? Bridesmaid in salmon?? hmm. This is on the maybe list for sure. This image is from Design Love Fest.


Slightly more cooler/autumn colours. I am loving the green and lilac together, this image was taken from Glamour and shot by Chris Craymer.


I do like pastel colours, but my only worry is….will I like them in two and half years’s a big commitment picking a colour…This image is from Down And Out Chic.

05 laurenmoffatt_spring2011

I love blues, thats for sure, and I quite like the idea of combining a few different shades..This image is from Honey Kennedy.

05 confettisystem_02


Pastels and peach…I think peach my be a certain colour in my mix, I seem to be really drawn to it…Image from Confetti System.

04 hanginggarland_01c

These colours are rather warm, with the mint green as an accent colour maybe…just picture the tassle decor.. it’s just to die for. Image from SFgirlbybay.


I am totally loving peach right now, with the blue too…gosh would be soo pretty. Original source of image unknown.

01a id_spring2011


I love love love this colour combo, my only worry…is it too much?? I think I may need to experiment with looking at flowers and extra’s in these colour choices to make my final decision. Image from I-D shot by Karim Sadli.


I got all these images from Color-Collective. 

So I have a few ideas on colour, no idea if there is a hidden rule on how many you can have?…..hmm. let me know what your colour scheme was at your wedding, or what you are planning to have?


Speak soon

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