Ok so this is the first wedding themed DIY and I’m not going to lie, it’s tricky, but such a nice way to ask your bridesmaids and maid of honour(s) for them to be part of your special day. I tried to convince Richard to do grooms men and best man cards, but apparently when the time comes he will ask them over a pint..typical boy style.


Ok so I have given all mine out, and my party consist of Letty and Steph being my maid of honours, with Alex, Beth, Tasha, Abby and Mel being my bridesmaid, big party I know.

Ok so lets get to it.

What you need.


Calligraphy set (nib and ink) I got this one from Etsy which is great. But my Grandad used to collect nibs so I have a few of his I am working with too! the packaging is to die for.

Tracing Paper

Nice Paper ( I got mine from paperchase which came with 40  A5 sheets for £4.00.)

Patience…and lots of it.



So I am not going to lie and say mine came out perfectly and I could do my own classes, far from it. In fact the font I chose to practice on was hardly calligraphy at all. I spent so long looking at different fonts and calligraphy, and the one I picked just had everything I wanted. And even though it doesn’t look complicated, I found it a challenge. But in a good way. Look at all the blotches…


Right so in my kit, I got some samples exercises and tracing paper, so you practice tracing over the writing. There ton’s of these types of things online, like Julie Blanner or  local classes you can go to.

So what I did was find the font I liked and just made the document up and practised a lot..


I found that some had blotch stains, with little mistakes, but you know what, they were personal. And in each one I wrote a message to the bridesmaid/maid of honour, in calligraphy asking them to be a part of our special day. I played around with different ways or laying them out too, just have fun with it.


And who knows, If I keep practising that’s our wedding stationary fanciness sorted…this could be a good investment. Although I am looking into doing a class…as I definitely need some more practice .

So here are a couple of pictures that our wedding party has sent me of the cards I gave.



This is the one I gave Beth ( Richard’s Sister) notice the slight blotch…but I think it still looks pretty.




Tasha, my sister-in-law’s card…not exactly the same, but still looks pretty good!!


All in all I didn’t perfect this technique, but I enjoyed learning new things and attempting it.. it’s just a bit of fun and a nice way to ask your bridesmaids..


Anyway have a lovely Wednesday all!


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