Wedding Wednesday’s: Fireworks too much? /14

Ok so to fit with it being bonfire night, I thought we would look at fireworks at weddings. And the age old questions. Is it too much? too corny? or too expensive?

I love firework night, in fact in a matter of hours I will be watching my hometown’s firework display. I love it. I remember being little in 2000 the mark of the millennium and watching a display of fireworks and deciding which ones I would have at my wedding. I was 11. But hey I am engaged now and planning a eh? I think they are fun.they are magical and they make people go ooo and ahhh no matter what their age is. But are they practical for a wedding. I looked at some pictures and my mother’s reaction was to make a puking face for over corny love pictures with fireworks in the background. So what are your guys thoughts? Are they a yes? no? let me know in the comments or email.




So is this corny or actually rather cute? I love how the fireworks are out of focus though.Also how nice is the brides jacket! A must for my winter wedding methinks. But back to fireworks. One of the issues with fireworks is getting the permission from your venue host, paying some one to do it safely and the fireworks itself. Cheap alternative is to get married on bonfire night and watch the sky light up for free! As I am writing this there are displays going on all around my house…amazing.  This is from Wedding Chicks.



Beach and fireworks…doesn’t quite work for me, I prefer the image where the lights are blurred, its a bit more focused on the couple then, but still quite an impressive entertainment to have for your guests. This is from The Knot.



A cheaper and safer alternative to fireworks is sparklers, just as flattering and exciting, plus these actions shot are great with the couples running through the guest all lit up. I know sparklers are becoming more and more popular for weddings and i think they are great as an alternative to confetti. Though I personally love confetti…maybe both.. This is from Style me pretty.


And if fireworks aren’t really your thing and the thought that sparklers might catch your very hair sprayed hair on fire why not try lanterns..for that magical shot.



They look pretty amazing and who doesn’t want a picture replicating the scene from Tangled…hey? Anyway this is from It’s a brides life. I think all in all i’d rather lanterns…now just to get over the dangers of them…