Wedding Wednesday’s: Invitation Inspiration /20

So here is to my first Wedding Wednesday post of 2015.Thinking way ahead of schedule now, especially as I am not even sure where we are having the wedding, but you know I like to look at all aspects, no matter how in advance. Invitations are pretty important in my eyes, apart from the save the dates, it gives your guest a first look into what your day might hold..the colours,the style the events. So it’s like a mini first impression in a way, so you want them to reflect you and your special day.

So I have scoured the internet and pinterest for some different ideas for invitations, and I think you will like at least one of the options…hopefully.



These are pretty insane, but really expensive too, they are from Not On The Highstreet and they are laser cut made, so you can see why it’s pricey. But there are DIY alternatives to look at like paper cutting, much cheaper, but a lot longer process…especially for a 100+ invites.



This is cute, it’s simple and it’s attractive. I like the different fonts, and the colours used, it would be a great way to give your guests a glimpse into your colour scheme, plus you could have lots of fun with different fonts. This is from Etsy. 





I think these are my favourite. I love the simple colour and layout. With a little pattern above, below and on the back, especially contrasted with the colourful envelope. So sweet. This is from Wedding Chicks.


You have to love a bit of embossing. I do like this invitation but it comes across a bit clinical to me. Maybe a little bit of colour, or a contrasting twine would add a bit of pop to it. This is from Seven Swans.



Being a lover of stationary, I like the idea of having different parts included in the invite. Meal choice, music request, rsvp, map. All slightly different variations of the invite using the same themes of course. The bunch of stationary I like, and the layout but once again I think I want ours to be a bit more colourful…This is from Etsy.


My second favourite, I love the water colour effect of these invites, and the sheer amount of stationary included. I also like the simple layout..gah the choice is just to much. Maybe this style paired with a colourful envelop like the one I favourited above…I think it could be a start. This is from Etsy.



More of a Great Gatsby style going on here, but it’s fun and the rip off rsvp postcard below is great! This is from Lauren Owen Design, and I think this style is great especially for themed weddings.

I am pretty lucky as I am leaving the invitations up to Richard and my talented Graphic Designer friend Alex. So I have no doubt they will be awesome with the two of them bumping heads! This is a great way to get your friends involved especially if they are creative!