Wedding Wednesday’s: Mary-Anne James. Our wedding Photographer /19

Ok so a quick note of apology before I start talking about the wonders that is Mary-Anne. We have officially moved, though I am surrounded by boxes and the never ending task that is unpacking, hopefully the blog won’t suffer for much longer.


But now back to Mary-Anne. So I went to uni with her, so I already knew her ability to photograph and the added bonus of her being the sweetest girl ever, but when I saw her portfolio me and Richard both decided she is the one to photograph our wedding. It’s quite a big deal finding your perfect photographer. I have seen so many wedding photographs ruined by photographer’s who don’t really know what they are doing. Or the cheese of having to pose time and time again. I am not a poser, there’s a reason why there are hardly any pictures of me on this blog, and my Wallace cheese smile is the reason. But when I saw Mary-Anne’s portfolio, the natural response of her images and the soft aesthetic automatically put me at ease, and gave me the hope that maybe just maybe..she could get a picture of me not looking like half of Wallace and Gromit.  Anyway I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and remember to check out her portfolio here.

Look at how happy the couple look in this picture, it’s a great one of family and friends too. Mary-Anne has a real soft natural lighting to her images, giving them an almost vintage feel. This is of the lovely couple Paul & Annabelle, see the rest of their special day here on Mary-Anne’s site.



This is a perfect group shot in my eyes, the couple look blissfully happy, and the guest look like they are having a great time, add a tandem to the mix and you kind of have the perfect group shot.. This is of the lovely couple Sophie & Mike, see the rest of the images here.



Just look at the lighting and the setting of this, doesn’t it just look beautiful, especially with her dress flowing out like that over the tree stump.




Another shot from Annabelle and Paul, I love the smile on the brides face, she really looks natural and Mary-Anne has caught the moment perfectly.

This has to be one of my favourite images from her portfolio, the light, the stance the couple. It’s just a dream shot really. I have never met this couple, but Mary-Anne has managed to capture them beautifully, their personality comes through in her images. This is of the lovely couple Leya & Oliver. See the rest of their special day here.



Another image from Mike & Sophie’s wedding, read their review on Mary-Anne here, if not just looking at her images instantly makes you want to book her for your wedding, the reviews will without a doubt. But don’t leave it too long, there’s a reason why Mary-Anne being our photographer is the only thing I have booked so far. I can see her being fully booked for years to come. Just read the reviews and take a look at the rest of her portfolio.


So there are just a few of her images, like I said go check out the rest of her portfolio.  As well as wedding day coverage her other services also include engagement shoots and pre-wedding and she is available in and outside of the Uk.  Plus she can do beautiful handmade wedding albums, and you can get a dvd with the edited images on at a high resolution. Allowing you to print off as many as you like for family and friends. What more could you want…another assistant photographer?..for large weddings she does that too. Just go check her out guys!


So happy Wednesday all…im of to un-pack…again..