So I have a simple DIY project today which could be a cute idea as a present for your Bridesmaid’s or a gift for your maid of honour during the planning stages!! So remember when I did the paper-cutting workshop, well I have been practicing, and I am still rubbish but I had an idea for a cute notebook.



Ok so the papercutting isn’t essential. You could just get some pretty paper and use that as your cover.


So I designed a quick stencil like thing. The thing to remember is your cutting the white bits. So I found an interesting font, and gave it a box outline where the letters reach the outline box. So you don’t end up with a massive square cut out.. And make sure you flip it. otherwise when you turn it over it will be backwards. A tip we were given during the workshop was, make sure you always use a sharp blade and do the little sections first.


As you can see mine is far from perfect, but it does look quite cool. Here is where you can get some nice paper and glue it behind. I recommend using spray mount. It worked quite well for me.  I also picked this nice grey because I was trying something new for the backing.


So here’s my backing. I actually made this really quickly in photoshop and printed it off, on both sides of the paper. So that you have pretty end papers too!





It didn’t come out too badly but I think maybe smaller circles next time??



Next you sew. Don’t panic this bit is super easy and not much sewing at all. I am doing a basic notebook today so I just measured out 2 inches from the top and bottom of the centre fold, and punched two holes using a awl. You can use a needle if you don’t have an awl. Using wax thread in a pretty colour I did a simple pull through and tie up knot.



You simply, thread the needle through the holes once and tie securely at the back.




Told you it was simple. And there you have it! You could get really creative and maybe design paper cuttings with your bridesmaids names, make them personalised…It is tricky took me a few attempts especially with the N. But it does look effective. But pretty backing papers are always a great alternative, why not personalise them with a photo or instagram collage??