Wedding Wednesday’s: Suits for the men /17

Ok so I have looked at quite a lot of different aspects to planning a wedding, and I think I am finally getting the hang of it..but now to look at some suits. I am leaving this up to Richard, but I thought it would be fun to look at some different options, not that you have to wear a suit at all.. anyway to the candidates.



Every guy likes a black tie look, thinking James Bond sophistication no? I think this is one of my favourite looks for a wedding. Get this look here.



For the more adventurous of grooms, why not wow the crowd in this number. I mean who wants to be original? Why not be unique? Get this look here.


Slightly different to the typical grey or black, but I am loving this green suit…looks rather dapper no? Get this look here.



A great suit for a beach or outdoor wedding, I love how casual yet eye catching this outfit is. Pair with bare feet and you have yourself a barefoot in the sand wedding. Get this look here.




More traditional with the tails, pair with a top hat and you have yourself a swagger morning suit. I always feel these suits look amazing, but look like they would be so warm?? Plus with the whole morning suit I would recommend hiring, whereas with the more causal suits, you might like to buy them and get more out of them. Get this look here.






You can never go wrong with a blue plain suit. This is just the swanky casual yet elegantly smart suit, that looks great for all occasions. Get the look here.









This is the more expensive of the lot, and will set you back £600+ but just look at it, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it. Bet you would feel like James Bond’s hotter brother in this! Get the look here. Typically this was Richards favourite too!