Wedding Wednesday’s: The dreaded diet / 13

So I think it’s a given every women wants to look beautiful for their big day, so diets are  a right of passage right? I am falling into the wedding woe of dieting already. Even the thought of going near a dress shop has me more then a little bit worried. So why do we feel that for this day in particular we need to loose the weight? I mean come on, I have been trying to loose weight for 2/3 of my life, im still on the chunky side, but its already set in my mind and others that I need to look good on the big day.

So I have been browsing the diets which surround wedding days. I tell you the diet market for weddings must be the biggest. I came across some horrific sayings too. This one was the worst.

How to lose weight before the big day — and avoid ‘heavier ever after’

I am sorry but is that not horrific?? It actually gave me shudders. Loose weight for yourself, or your health but not because the media tell you too, or because the wedding industry promote skinny brides live happier ever after….

Sorry I’m ranting, Wedding Wednesday’s are meant to be happy plans. So I will leave it there, and end with some lovely pictures of brides of all shapes and sizes.







This looks amazing. I’m not a fan of strapless dresses, but she does look beautiful in this dress. Source. 


How gorgeous and perfect is this dress. The bride is pretty spectacular too.



Just look at those curves, amazing right? This is from here. 



I love the silhouette of this dress. Source.


So due to work reasons, I may or may not be spending a month in my hometown, so it’s easier for Richard’s last bit of training, lodging with my parents…I know it’s going to be interesting, but on the plus side wedding planning might make some more progress or all..Plus i’m not going to lie, moving back in for just a month, I am kind of looking at it as an extended vacation…

So here is to dieting if you want, FYI I am totally eating a toffee apple when writing this! yay to pre wedding diets!…