Ok so now I am newly engaged, the fun begins of planning the wedding. Now I have a few ideas already, but I’m nowhere near ready to start planning a wedding…yet. So I aim to fill the space with ideas every Wednesday, and slowly build up a mood board of my favourite pins and ideas. I will also be experimenting with DIY wedding fave’s, so hopefully I can inspire you too!

So lets get started,as I have never planned anything like this, I brought a couple of magazines, Brides to be specific, and they suggested some apps which can help you get started. I went for WedHappy. The basic version is free, and it gives you check list and rough dates for when things need to be done. First task, setting the date.

Ok so we have a few dates in mind which we are going to keep to ourselves for the meantime until the date is official, but I let you know the year and the favourable month we are thinking. November 2016.

The next item on the agenda is a venue, as I guess venues need to be booked way in advance, especially for popular months during Spring and Summer. I have been looking at some venues, just online and looking at pinterest for the type of thing I want. Here are some places which look amazing.

First thing, first. I’m not getting married in NYC (I wish) but I love this list of alternative places to get married there, which was featured on BuzzFeed. The best thing about Pinterest, is you can get ideas on layout, decor, and features that you might want at your venue, plus, I like to find places that might appeal to all of our readers.





Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is number 5 on the list, but how breathtakingly beautiful does this look, all that light? and in the evening, safe to say, it’s a constant instagram moment.

See the rest of the list here. 

My second lot of pins, comes from a similar list, but it covers the 10 best venues in the world for a roof top wedding. Now realistically in November and in England no doubt, rooftop might not be an option, but either way these venues look amazing. I’ve picked images showcasing a wedding on the roof of Shoreditch House in London.



I am in love with these lights, maybe these plastered around a barn? oooo and a fire place…it is November after all..


I like the simplicity of just having a long table. No need to stress over loads of tables and a seating plan..



What a view..

See the rest of the venues here at Bridal Musings. Photos from Samuel Docker


As I am thinking more barn like as a venue, I found some fun looking weddings which were had in barns, to add to my pinterest board of inspiration.


I am just in love with everything from this wedding. Check out the rest here from Rock my Wedding.  The photography, the colours, the playfulness of it all…




This one although slightly more reserved, still looks lovely, and I love the structure of this place with the beams and string lights, I think string lights are going to be an absolute must. Think i’d quite like a lake near by too.. Check out more images here. 


And lastly a couple of helpful guides for what to ask when looking at a wedding venue.


Good list to look at before choosing is this one from Hitched.



And this one which looks at the main details, which is from Wedding Party.


So there’s our first wedding Wednesday, Hope you like it! If your planning a wedding too, get in touch we can all share ideas.

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