Weekend Antics: Attempting to pack up the house, but then watching Blackfish on Netflix

Ok so we went back for the weekend to pack up the house and we did do a little bit don’t get me wrong, but during what was meant to be a 10 minute break, we snuggled down on the sofa and decided to watch a documentary on Netflix.  So we decided to watch Blackfish.   blackfish-movie-poster     So I used to love going to SeaWorld when I was younger. It was a magical day seeing Shamu and the other whales, watching the trainers do the tricks and be thrusted into the air by the whales. We would sit in the splash zone, and it would just be amazing to watch. I suppose you don’t really think about the condition the whales are being kept in when your a ten year old.

So we watched this documentary and the whole time, I am seeing sequences I have seen many times before being done, and the same kind of routines, but then you really look into the situation of these whales. I don’t mean to go all PETA on you, but it is seriously an issue. Countless issues have come up which SeaWorld have just swept under the rug, which people have literally died from. Then there’s the whales themselves. Being separated from their young, being kept in brutally small conditions. It’s heart breaking, so I seriously urge you all the watch this documentary, and just google petitions, there are so many out there to help these Orca’s.

Anyway, it’s a really interesting, yet heart breaking documentary. So watch it guys. Sorry just felt like I wanted to share this.


Tomorrow is a Chrismassy post to look forward to though, but for now, just check out this issue which needs as much attention as it can get.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Antics: Attempting to pack up the house, but then watching Blackfish on Netflix

  1. Cara (@twinkbat)

    Totally agree with you. We watched Blackfish a few months ago and, although I had some idea what was going on, seeing it like that, laid out on video, was something that really brought home what it must be like. Utterly heartbreaking, but a must watch

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