Weekend Antics, Beautiful Wedding

Ok so this weekend has been a long one, but a beautiful one none the least. My brother married his dream girl and the day was truly beautiful. The sun was shining, everyone looked stunning and the bride and groom were blissfully happy! I don’t have many pictures and in fact I got these 2 from Mel’s sister but when the professional ones are done i’ll show you a couple more, and let you see my outfit for the day..I was working the lilac whale look.



So a big congratulations to the beautiful couple that is Mr and Mrs Carter!



And how adorable does Finley look with his dad! Super super cute!!

But the wedding was lovely, and although it tired me out massively and my feet swelled beautifully, it was a sad end to a weekend where it will be my last time in Cricklade just me and Richard. The journey has become too long and uncomfortable to do so next time we are there…there should be 3 of us…weird!

So it was a lovely weekend and now I am just chilling before my mad cleaning starts up again..oh the joy of nesting