Weekend Antics; Bletchley Park followed by watching The Imitation Game

Ok so unless you live under a rock, everyone has been going on about The Imitation Game with the fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch, but I was surprised to find out, that Bletchley Park, where the enigma code was broken, was so close to where we are living now, that we took the opportunity to go see it when my parents came to visit. This place is massive, and bursting with information, and it’s eery. You know those kind of places where you can kind of feel the history? We only managed to get round like a fifth of it. Luckily adult tickets last a whole year, so we will be making another stop. I didn’t want to take lots of photos of it, it doesn’t do it justice, plus I don’t really like to take pictures in places of history..if you get what I mean.. but I took one that might interest the Benedict Cumberbatch fans.



Some filming was done at Bletchley Park, and props were donated to the museum like Cumberbatch’s tweed suit and Knightley’s outfit. They also donated ‘Christopher’ the decoding machine Cumberbatch’s character Turing built.

The machinery used is way beyond my comprehension, which is no surprise as Turing’s knowledge was way before his time. A genius without a doubt, who lived a really really sad life. Thats where I go onto the film, its brilliant. It’s sad, and it opens your eyes a bit more to an event which pretty much changed us all. His code breaker invention won us the war. I am not going to go all deep history on you, but I would recommend watching the film, and going to Bletchley Park I even don’t mind Keira Knightley in it.


The rest of my weekend saw me being a right little chef. Mexican spread on Friday, thai salmon feast on Saturday and indulgent mac and cheese on Sunday, obviously no pictures because I am rubbish, but I have finally found my camera lead though, so expect some higher quality photos soon!


Hope you all had a good weekend.