Weekend Antics, Bubba Gump, Doughnuts and a small move across country.

So this weekend was pretty hectic. We were in London on Friday, stupidly early, by 8.00 am I was on my second cup of coffee and by 12.30 I was on my first (and only) cocktail.

We went to Bubba Gump’s in Leicester Square which was pretty amazing, I have been a few times in the states, but it was just as good here, and the shrimp is to die for. I also had a pretty tasty vodka peach tea cocktail, and got to keep the glass which was a bonus. It was pretty expensive, but filling, amazing food and good service too. If you haven’t heard of Bubba Gumps, watch Forest Gump.



We shared the shrimp cocktail..they may not look it but the shrimp are huge!

run-forest-run- Bubba-Gump-leicester-square-review-london

Richards massive main! Coconut tempura shrimp, deep fried fish pieces and crab puff bites. With chips and coleslaw.



I got a lobster roll. Was ridiculously good, and incase you want to know, it’s about 12 billion syns….

So we also indulged in doughnuts this weekend, and chilled with Richards family for his mum’s birthday! You have to love a birthday spread. Then spent Sunday being far to lazy for most of the day, then realising we were leaving for my parents that night  for a month, so in a mad panic prepared the house, and packed all the important things we would need for the next month…and here we are. Back in my hometown, I wonder if this will change the vibe of the blog spending more time here? On the plus side. I am looking forward to heating, no mould, planning my mothers living room makeover and hopefully sorting a few wedding details out. Otherwise before I know it I am behind on my must do countdown thing…



I’ll give you a tour of my new surroundings soon!