This weekend was soo much fun as my dear friends Letty, Alex and Jon came down with to see us with the added addition of Letty’s little sister Lys, who is the cutest thing ever!!

With all three sporting art degrees, Alex and her boyfriend Jon graphic design and letty photography like me, we all had fun bashing out some possible product ideas with Richard being the engineer making the designs come to life! It was soo much fun filled with paint spillage’s, lots of pizza and wine. (juice for lys of course). But I loved seeing them and I am soo excited for our next craft show which is happening on bank holiday monday (25th August) in the Cotswolds. Fun Fun Fun.





Letty and Jon on sanding duty and quality control. Look at that pear…


The beautiful Lys, and even more beautiful Alex…..colour coordinators. Just look at that face



Richard looking moody, quality control on the wood was his job plus cutting the boards! haha I am soo excited about these chalkboards! yay.


And me (no picture) I just cooked lots of food and made drinks, comic relief, you know the important stuff. It was pretty exciting weekend as I also asked Alex to be a bridesmaid and letty to be 1/2 of my maid of honour! I made some little cards which I will do a post on soon once I have given all the cards out!..So it was a pretty special weekend, plus they both said yes!


So it was a good weekend to say the least!