Weekend Antics delayed. Who decided to move house three weeks before Christmas?

Yep seriously, what was I thinking. I am still in the Cotswolds, the house is still no where near packed, and we pick up the keys on Friday. In that time I have to book a truck for the weekend, pick up the nerve to actually drive a truck and pack up and clean my entire house in Essex. Then unpack, and find time to do all our Christmas shopping. I just want to stay in bed.

I’ve been so ill all weekend I totally missed out on buying any bargains. … I’ve brought two presents for the babies. Thats it. I remember a time when I was more organised. I haven’t even brought an advent calendar.. I know..it’s terrible.

I have my priorities right though, as soon as we move in I am off out to buy a Christmas Tree and maybe some nice wine too.

So here are some lovely Christmas Pins to end my Weekend mini rant.


This makes me so excited, I have a pretty exciting post coming out next week!! Ah the wrapping fun, just need to buy some presents to wrap!! Ooooo Christmas is coming!! This is from Seeking the South.



From how about orange these diamond ornaments would look great on the tree, pick your colour of choice and add some sparkly string.



Cute peppermint candies from A field Journal. These would look great as a feature on your wrapping or on a handmade card…or why not write someones name on it and have it as a place card.



Personalise your wrapping using chalk pens and pencils. Cute doodles to make your loved ones laugh. This is from Going home to roost.



Such a unique wreath, instead of having a classic circle why not make a fern star. Instructions on the site too. This is from sa vitt jag vet blogg.

Oh the excitement of wrapping presents and decorating the tree…seriously can’t wait