Ok so this weekend, was adventurous to say the least. I started Slimming World last Monday. I hate dieting, but as I was struggling solo I thought I’d give it a go. It’s complicated, I might be being slow, but it’s complicated! I will find out tonight whether I have done it right this week I guess. but to add to my new week eating habits, I had the obstacle of going out to eat three times, and the cinema. Just to say it broke my heart not getting my usual pick ‘n’ mix, but the film Lucy wasn’t too bad. If you have seen Limitless, there’s a similar theme, but it was a good length, enough action packed scenes and who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman. Although there was a part where Scarlett Johansson cries, she’s a good crier, even had the nose dribble that people sometimes get. Yeah I remember the weirdest stuff from films…moving on!. haha Oh the picture? we know I love flamingos!


So I am doing the easy plan on slimming world, and I am more then confused that I pretty much have just been eating salad and eggs. 🙂 good staple diet I know. I want cake. I tried to make these slimming world brownies, but I didn’t have any plane coco powder just mint hot chocolate. Note to self brownies made from natural yoghurt taste god awful with mint coco powder. Just don’t do it guys!


Eating out saw me eating chicken caesar salad with out cheese, croutons, with the sauce on the side. So a fun plate of lettuce and 4 pieces of chicken for me. Then I have breakfast the next day. Eggs benedict sauce on the side..yummy. then plain vegetarian sushi for dinner. I couldn’t eat with the others as the food hall didn’t really cater to my sliming world guidelines. I think thats the worse. Seeing people eat burgers and Taco Bell, well you wait drinking your gallon of diet coke, to then walk solo to Boots to get some sushi.

haha ok pathetic sorrowful moment over.

I am pretty busy with stuff at the moment which is great, keeps me focus especially planning for another craft show and job hunting which is a pain, so I am limiting myself to just an hour a day, otherwise I think I would go crazy!

I had a bit of a Oh Jeez moment last night where I was at a cross road and completely no idea what I was going to do. I pretty much felt like my world was falling and I had no control over anything.  You know?

So I have this thing where I can drive, but I hate driving, like it freaks me out. Before I went to Canada I drove all the time. Back and forth from uni and such. Then I went away for 5 months, I come back drive a little bit then I crash. Now for a car crash I was lucky. No one was hurt, in fact not much damaged was done at all. I just went into the back of someone at a traffic light. But anyway, I get my car fixed, I drive  little during the summer then I start my last year of uni. I leave my car at home as I shared it with my brother then it gets sold and thats it. I don’t drive again for like a year, not until I start driving Richard’s car or not really driving if I am to be honest. He brought his car and he’s very cautious over it, understandably which in turn gave me an even bigger complex. Like I can’t crash his car… Freaks me out. But I have loss some of my independence you know, which in turns panicks me even more haha. Bet I sound crazy!

Anyway my weekend was eventful, and I kind of feel better for getting some of it off my chest. Plus I have a big order to do today for a wedding which I am excited about.

I’ll let you know my results tomorrow for my first weight in.. scared much?? I am!


Speak soon all, and thanks fro reading! I appreciate every single one of you!