So first off my lens for my camera has broken, so sorry for the lack of posts…sometimes iphone photos just don’t cut it. But they will just have to do for this post while I wait for my new one to come.

So we went to Dorset for the weekend for a family event. The weekend was super stressful. I’m not even going to try to make it sound amazing. Seeing old friends and going to the beach was super fun. Having a poorly toddler who clung to me the whole time not so much. Arch was battling teething the whole time we were away and he was sporting a rather nasty temp, so he spent most the time sitting on us, being carried by us and generally not letting go of us, while watching his cousins and his little friend Georgia play the days away. Such a long couple of days..which pretty much ended with Arch vomiting down my top because he got in such a state when he couldn’t reach his toy, and me just having a meltdown due to a emotional overload. So yes rather stressful…but hey having a toddler isn’t always easy and fun is it. Though when we did go to the beach, arch did seem to have a little fun and I got some cute pictures too.  I could easily live by the sea..I wish I was there now…because out of the whole weekend, while we were on that beach, Arch was just sat there chilling, it was the most relaxing part of our little getaway.




This is my dad (bampi) arch and fin, such a cute photo. Arch really doesn’t get to spend much time with my side of the family just because they are so far away, but due to my dads demanding job he get’s to see him even less, so little moments like these I think are super important..plus super cute right?



I think aswell as feeling poorly, Arch was just super overwhelmed, there were 24 people and a dog altogether, and that’s a lot for a poorly 18 month old..such a long weekend guys..like I’m still recovering from it.


IMG_9628So I wanted to trek up this cliff, I mean how pretty does it look up there, but I didn’t for 2 reasons. 1 I was wearing converse, and it was super steep. My mum only just managed it in walking boots. And 2 I didn’t have my camera, so I feel like Iphone pics might not have been good enough… but for sure I’ll come back and capture some beauts one day! Also apparently this is the beach from Broadchurch? I don’t watch it but Tasha was pretty excited about it.

So that was our weekend, I think I’ll start making this a regular feature because it give me a chance to do some laid back posts showing you guys how we spend our time..

How was everyone else’s weekend.