Weekend Antics, Firework night to Christmas, and how I love the cold crisp weather


So firework night has come and gone, and we are stepping into the Christmas Spirit. Don’t worry i’ll keep my promise no Christmas stuff tip next week. But one thing I am loving that is already out is the Christmas food.



The turkey Christmas sandwiches are my favourite. Plus eggnog Latte…you can’t go wrong. I don’t mind these being out already. But honestly its all happening a bit too fast…Do you know I have been doing Wooden Flamingo for a year now. I started the blog in January but the shop has been open a year. Crazy right?? Where has the time gone..here is to another successful year for Wooden Flamingo. And I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who come here. Means a massive amount to us. So thanks.



It was also remembrance Sunday and I took this photo of the aftermath after it had finished and I thought it was lovely how many people from my local town came to the service. We also went for a lovely three course dinner in honour of the day, which was amazing but I ate it way to quickly and forgot to take any pictures..sorry..but it was good..roast beef so just use your imagination.



Here is me wrapped up warm in a billion colours. I have to say I love this time of year, where its properly cold, you know that kind of cold where you can just layer up, and its crisp outside..you can also kind of see my hair in this picture…it’s on my to do list to show you it properly. As an update though I am rather enjoying having bangs.. But back to the crisp November weather I am hoping to go look at some venues in the next week. We want to get married this time of year so I thinks its important to see the venues at this time of year, see if they look pretty in the cold fresh air.


I took a trip down memory lane this weekend when I worked back in the bar I used to work in 4 years ago. It was crazy but familiar and I enjoyed seeing some old faces. I have a few shifts while I am back, trying to make a little bit of money in time for Christmas…But I am stupidly excited about moving! Hopefully if all goes well we will be in our new place end of the first week of December. What a great way to christen a new house then by decorating it all up for Christmas. It’s a rented property and we went for a slightly newer place this time, due to the problems we have had with our current place. I love how quirky it is, but being cold, damp and mouldy just isn’t appealing anymore..So a brand new place, and a brand new county…should be interesting!!


Anyway I videoed a little bit from the firework night. I love how at the end it goes out of focus. (totally meant for that to happen)..anyway enjoy all and I hope you all had a good weekend.

Fireworks 2014