So my friend Cassie who is visiting from Canada, and knows more about English heritage and London then the average Englishmen, took me for the first time ( yes I know, I’ve been living under a rock) to afternoon tea in London.

Now from my personal encyclopaedia Cassie, I have been told that there are a small handful of places where one should dine for high tea. Savoy being very popular, the Ritz, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

So Cassie treated me to Fortnum & Mason high tea, which apparently is favoured due to the quality of the food. Well I haven’t tried the others (yet) but I could not fault the food we were given. And don’t even get me started on the tea. But I am getting ahead of myself.

So… from the moment I stepped into the store, my eyes widen to take in all the lovely treats, tea paraphernalia on offer. For people who have yet to discover Fortnum, & Mason. Just go. Situated in between Piccadilly Circus and Green Park, the variety on offer resembled a heaven featuring British traditional food we all love and know. From slabs of honey comb and every jam preserve you could think of, to tea from every corner of the earth. There is something for everyone, and price wise, I feel there’s a price to suit everyone.

Don’t get me started on the macaroons and chocolate counter.. I could have brought it all. Instead I went for a bag of 8 macaroons which were a day old (still tasted amazing) which were reduced to £5. FYI if you ever want to just buy 1. Violet!! Go for violet it taste exactly like the old parma violet sweets. Amazing.

So to the high tea. With a colour scheme that is a few shades off of Tiffany’s, the Diamond Jubilee Tea room, is well, divine.




Ok so its clean and fresh, and at this point I am pretty excited. I get asked what tea I’d like, and my god there’s a large selection so I asked them what they would recommend, they recommended a medium blend of Golden Monkey! It was the best tea I think I have ever tasted.. So light and fresh.


Now that was a good cup of tea. You get a pot of tea, and the quaintest silver tea strainer..soo good.



To the tasty treats. So lets start with the sandwiches. We had roast beef, smoked salmon and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, chicken and sweetcorn and the infamous cucumber sandwich. These were surprisingly filling, and we were asked if we wanted some more,we declined as there was still 2 tiers to go, but they are very tentative, and I think it’s lovely you can have more.




So we then have the scones. We have a traditional scone, and one flavoured with apricot and amaretti. Which were mouthwatering good, and don’t get me started on the jam. With two to choose from, there was a classic raspberry and the wild blueberry which was just insane. I am going back to buy a bigger pot. It was just so sweet, and with chunks of blueberry. Honestly it was the best jam I think I have ever tasted. Am believe me I like my jam. But lets not forget the clotted cream…to die for.







Ah perfection… I could eat this all day.. Then we had last but not least, the top tray of cakes.



Just look at how cute these are, we had a variety of them, the rose éclair being my favourite. But the chocolate square filled with raspberry, and the lemon chocolate tart on a crisp base. Then the mango custard pastry. We couldn’t manage the last two, and our chocolate square got broke, but they were nice enough to replace it for our take away box. Yes they were more then happy to give you a little take away box of what you can’t eat.


Just look at how delicate this is? I seriously want to try and makes these. Sooo lovely.




And the walking encyclopaedia herself. Cassie. Was so nice for her to take me and to introduce me to this. And at £44 a head, I think it truly is worth it. The experience itself is simply amazing, You do feel like royalty for the day. Cassie has her own blogs where she deals with celebrity journalism and pop culture, and everything in between so do go check it out here. 


Such a lovely day!!


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