So my weekend saw me riding solo to the Handmaid Fair, and as soon as I walked through those statement gates at Hampton Court the day had definitely started. So Walking through the gardens to get to the fair, I started talking to a lovely women who is very successful in her trade and pretty much took me under her wing, so much so, I didn’t need to queue to get in, I got to see all the craft sellers before the mad rush of visitors! Was pretty amazing. She pretty much stated it clear, what I need to do to make Wooden Flamingo excel, and pretty much told me what I am doing at the moment…is no where near enough….Harsh but very much needed. So I snapped a few pics, before the mayhem of the fair was started.




The wine bar looked amazing, me being the smart person I am, didn’t take any cash with me..I know seriosuly what was I thinking. So I drooled over the wine and food bars, I didn’t eat the whole day (nightmare) but a few crafters took card, so I did get myself a few treats. I know next time though, seriosuly just pick up some cash..even like a tenner.




So included in the ticket is a workshop of your choice and I picked to do Paper Cutting With Poppy Chancellor and it was so much fun! I sat with these three lovely women, who made the fact me being there solo ok. The workshop was sooo much fun, and we got to use these awesome scalpels from Hobby Craft too! I am going to be practicing my paper cutting skills a bit more, but check out Poppy’s site. She is so lovely and talented, I would utterly completely recommend one of her workshops!!





I need a bit more practice, but there’s my outcome from the workshop..not to shabby eh??



So like I said I did get some goodies. All the beautiful neon stationary is from Neon London. They had such funky stuff, I could have brought it all!! The hedgehog journal which is adorable, and I am a sucker for notebooks is from Quadrille Craft. Cute no?

Anyway the day in all was lovely, I went to a pinterest top pinners, conference thingy, which was very informative and Etsy Business school was awesome too! Then all the pom poms? I mean who doesn’t like Pom poms.



I learnt a lot and met some lovely people!! So I leave you with some photos I snapped of the grounds at Hampton Court.






Gorgeous flowers no??

All in all it was amazing!!

Have a lovely Monday all….