I am actually writing this on Sunday. I know what your thinking, my oh my aren’t you organised.Well yes yes I am. Chilling in a cute bed and breakfast after a day with family and lots of cuddles with my nieces and nephew!

I have to say I do love a good hotel stay. The crisp sheets, the biscuits and bed chocolate, free coffee and tea, we even have shampoo and a bottle of water..but anyway we have a few pictures from the weekend.



The place we stayed was a lovely little bed and breakfast, with big windows. Was lovely. Even for the night it’s sometimes nice to stay somewhere else.


We had a little get together before my Uncle’s funeral, was nice seeing family, and was a lovely date despite the sad times that brought us all together! Here is my brother and Richard chilling with my Gran. Her room is filled to the brim with pictures. She has some serious gallery wall amazement going on. But she was in good spirits, and I have to say, I really like this photo, even though it was taken on my phone the sun light and family sat together is lovely.


I don’t really like horses, but this guy nearly head-butted me so I gave him a quick pet..you know trying to be one with nature.


Another pic of our beautiful nephew Finley, it’s crazy how big he has gotten in just 2 weeks.


So I got my bangs cut in, I’ll do a post on it soon I promise, you can kind of see them in this picture where I am cooing over my nephew, I promise i’ll try and stop with the baby pictures soon!


Richard being one with nature, he’s such a poser


I managed to snap one of the twins, the other was just too fast, but here is Amelia chilling with Simon. Simon is the proud daddy of Finley, and I am pretty sure I am seeing some flecks of grey in his hair…already..


But all in all, the weekend was filled with family, meeting new faces, seeing old ones and saying goodbye to a beloved one.


Happy Tuesday all x