Weekend Antics: I can’t fight Christmas anymore

Ok so I have officially given in to the early Christmas celebrations. After working a ten hour shift on the bar last night during a Christmas Craft fair I admitted defeat. By the end of the day I had listened to countless christmas songs, my clothes were infused with mulled wine and the evidence of mince pies were all over the bar floor. I even bought some tinsel and my mum got me a Christmas decoration. I know I know. We are only just half way through December. But fear not because there are a few things I won’t be doing until the 1st+ of December. Like buying a tree, and putting decorations up. I feel thats where the true will power is..waiting to get your tree. It’s Richard’s sister Beth’s birthday late November so we must celebrate that before any proper Christmas decorating or such comes in.


But don’t fret because I do have some fun Christmas things lined up, which will start this week. Edible, decorative and full of inspiration I hope. So let’s just admit defeat, and start taking about Christmas. As it’s already all over the place anyway.