So went to London and met up with my sister and Steph, was a good day  though these beauts didn’t bring a coat so had to buy jackets, I mean honestly who goes to London without a coat…when it’s forecasted to rain..I look a wee bit evil in this picture but let it be known, it had rained a lot (hence frizzy up hair) and I was tired…so tired. No matter how often I go to London, by the end of the day my feet hurt and I am exhausted!! We got some lego, ate a lot of food, Steph got her foot run over by a mobility scooter, and made some very un PC comments.. ( I was shhh them constantly!) But she’s fine, her trainers were worst off then her foot.


We ended up in Westfields at Stratford and met Richard after work, I was hinting looking at the flowers…nothing haha!


Was pretty tempted to buy myself some flowers, those large pink ones look amazing!


Another pic of two of my favourite idiots. We went to the lego shop because Steph was doing the build 3 men for £5, she wanted to make a key ring. While helping her hunt, I decided to make some too, then 10 minutes later Abby did too. Me and Abby finished a good 10 minutes before Steph, the effort she put into creating her lego men, she didn’t half take a while but they looked pretty awesome though! I’m going to show you the outcome of our building time, because I am just that cool!


So here is Abby’s. I was told to mention she named the one on the far left the goddess of the sea..the others are just miscellaneous lego people at a party.


And Stephs, army based was the theme I think, but she enjoyed making them, sorry about the god awful picture. Also the far right has a different helmet now, she stole one of my other lego people’s awesome helmets…I am such a good friend..




And mine, the last one did have an accessorie but I dropped it on the floor and can I find it anywhere? Course not. But that’s Lois Lane…she got bit and she’s now a vampire.. I quite like my zorro one though! And my pilot with a phone…my method of thinking with the red phone, was sometimes in films at an airport you get asked to answer the red or grey phone…no? So yeah thats what he’s doing.




Had a wonder around Selfridges and I got some funky wrapping paper, to make some books for the craft fair in November, plus saw these chocolates and died over the packaging, how awesome is that??




Ended the day with macaroons…are you surprised? I think it’s getting out of control now… but they are soooo yummy.


The rest of the weekend was spent with Richard eating good food!


Went to Lakeside with Richard and Peter, I had a burger, it was amazing, I don’t feel bad! This is from Five Guys, seriously the best burgers I have ever eaten!!! Don’t even get me started on the drinks options!!



Richard decided he want dippy eggs, or as I call them eggs and soldiers. Turns out we don’t have any eggs cups, but shot glasses worked perfectly!!! We also went for dinner at a little place called the Fig Tree with Richards parents, I had another burger, and it too was amazing, Slimming world hasn’t really been in my mind this weekend…after last weekends stressful hype I wanted to chill and relax and it was a pretty awesome weekend to be honest!


So until tomorrow…good bye