Weekend Antics, looking at a new place to live, halloween aftermath and general hungover antics.

Ok so halloween was pretty hectic. I will go straight into it, I spent the whole day sorting my dad’s outfit out, so when it came to mine i wore normal clothes and went with day of the dead make up with steph. But back to my dad’s costume because it was pretty epic.

Everyone enjoy’s dressing up, but for my dad its a massive event, which involves him having the best costume, normally done it the least amount of time. So here is how I made him the joker in just 16 hours. Flash forward to Friday morning and I am frantically looking round charity shops with the help of Steph and her girlfriend Lauren, Lauren was great, pretty much finding the whole outfit for me, and with it coming to less the £5 we were on a roll. Add some face paint and we were ready to make this costume come to life.

So I got a green jumper  which I was going to cut into a waistcoat and I got  reddish pink women’s jacket. I couldn’t find a purple one so I was channeling a Jack Nicholson’ Joker. To be honest I think it came out really well.




Ok so here are my charity shop pieces pretty normal looking, so I just cut the button off the jacket and just made the jumper into waistcoat. Pretty simple, cut the arms off, cut down the middle and shape it… Anyway with a little bit of  face paint and lots of staring at images of both Jokers. (Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson) I finally created this look for my dad.


Haha not bad right??…..The waistcoat was a bit snug but not bad for £5. He already owned the green shirt and purple tie..But thats my in-expensive way to do the joker. Maybe next year ill post a makeup tutorial.. Now to my costume.


So I didn’t really have time to make a costume but me and Steph went as day of the dead. I think we looked pretty awesome and the lovely Lauren did our make-up. Took about an hour each but I think it looks pretty immense. We then decided to venture out to town. Now this is the first time I have been out in my hometown in like forever, and turns out I am way to old to be clubbing surrounded by very drunk barely dressed teenagers. I feel with halloween there  are two ways you can do it. Dress the sexy version of anything or just go full out on your costume not caring how crazy  you look. I saw a girl as a banana and one as a frankenstein’s bride. And they looked freaking awesome. Reminds  me of mean girls you know…sexy bunny and cat, then scary Lindsey Lohan with the teeth and everything. haha!! I ended up wearing a plain skirt striped top and hat, figured it was a paris theme day of the dead costume. Anyway so we were there for like an hour at which point we had had enough went and got some chips and went home. Turns out maybe next year we might just watch a scary film…when did I get old eh? or maybe cocktails uptown is the way to go..




Even though our time out was brief, we still fitted in an adequate amount of alcohol, more then I have drunk in ages so I awoke feeling very sorry for myself and pulled myself to the nearest garage to get a coffee…then back to bed I went. That was my halloween guys! Seriously though if your hungover theres three main food groups to get you over it. Sugar in the form of juice or cake. Meat and coffee..Listen this stuff works then take two paracetamol, get a cold compress and go back to bed!


Saturday and Sunday was pretty chilled, Amelia led on rufus for most of it. Seriously rufus is harmless but he’s like the size of her, this kid has no fear. But look how cute she looks giving him cuddles.



And I managed to get a sneaky pic of Richard holding Finley. I am not broody at all.


Anyway onto the move, we spent all of yesterday looking at properties to become our new home. We are renting, so we looked at arrange of budgets but I think we found somewhere. I won’t give it away too much because it can all fall through but we are looking at Befordshire…so if any of you lovelies live there let me know your thoughts on the place!!

With that I am back with a whole new plan ahead for the blog. I will not miss anymore post again. Sorry all!