Weekend Antics, Mexican feast and date night

This weekend was a weekend of good company and good food. We had Richards brother, his wife and his sister over on Sunday and we did a big Mexican feast with fajitas, rice, nachos and corn..was soo good. I love dinner’s where everything is just set on the table so everyone can just dig in. We also went to our local little cafe and got a selection of the cutest cakes for the day too.



So me and Beth were the chefs of the evening, with homemade guacamole, I should totally tell you guys my recipe one day..but yeah chicken fajitas with roasted peppers, grilled corn on the cob, and extra cheesy nachos, this was more then enough food for the 5 of us, and instead of getting the expensive packs of nachos and fajitas, we just brought a spice pack for the fajitas and brought wrap and salsa separately. It’s so much cheaper, plus we got the most amazing salsa. Pineapple salsa…seriously it was soooo good.Got in some beers, everyone made their own wraps, and Richard cleared up the kitchen after. Twas perfect.




Look at all the lovely treats, I love getting cakes like this from local places, it’s nice to know that more then likely a woman from he WI has lovingly made these, we all had a bit of each, cake sample if you will. The cookie in particular was my favourite.

So that was Sunday antics. My Monday involved me running a few errands, and Richard taking me out to dinner for date night. We haven’t been out just us two since we moved here, so it was nice to spend some quality time together, he did his research and found a little Italian about 30 minutes away. It was amazing, and surprisingly it was situated right next door to a Prezzo. I am happy to report, it was way busier then the chain next to it, and now that I have eaten at both (Prezzo was a favourite of ours in Essex) I can happily report, this restaurant trumped Prezzo a million times over and I took pictures..


So we shared this tricolore salad with the garlic pesto bread below. This was incredibly good. It was so fresh, and well just insane. I could have just eaten this, but the mains were shortly on their way.





photof 2

Richards main was a fish mixed grill. Tuna steaks, salmon, swordfish and king prawns, it looked incredible, I stole a prawn and believe me it was! I don’t think the price was too bad either, this main cost £14.95. When you think of the size of it I think thats quite reasonable.


We got a portion of hand cut chips to share, which were amazing, I only managed a few of these as I barely made a dent in my gnocchi below. It was a garlic pesto cream sauce with broccoli and avocado. Amazing, but amazingly filling.



So that was my main, so good but like I said it’s so filling, but we got it to take away and Richard took it to work today for lunch.

So lot of good wholesome food had this weekend, and exciting times this week as I may or may not have ordered some removable decals…woop woop I’ll do a test and document it then I’ll get to work on my office!!