So this is our spare room. Not much of a spare room as you can’t fit a double bed in it, the joy of renting and some peoples planning of rooms. With 2 built in cabinets, the shape of room leaves annoying nooks and gaps around the room. The desk is new, Richard built it for me out of a pallet and the legs from old fence posts. We painted the legs black, and used olive oil to stain the top. And I have to say I adore it!!  for something made from recycling wood, it’s so beautiful and cost pretty much nothing!




And here it is!! colourful no? I am going to show you little tips I used to makeover my spare room into my office with limited money and restrictions. So we rent, so painting is out of the question, otherwise we would be looking at a lovely white office. But I have used different ways to add decor to my office.



Ok so this is my messy section. using my old desk (which I got deadly cheap from a charity shop) we put some old plywood we had on top and secured a piece to the back, as a protector . (rented place remember). The blue chairs which there are four of I got from freecycle and am currently doing them up for my sister, (hence why they are here). My fabric organiser was Richard’s mums and dad’s side of their old baby crib they were getting rid of. It was already yellow, which I quite liked and so kept. So there you have it, a cool way to display your fabrics.  I simply used the desk to store my paint, art supplies and spray paint, hanging up some tape and scissors on the plywood. Many uses!


Old-crib-side,-fabric-organiser Etsy-Artwprk

Great picture I know…anyway I am a big believer in having art all around my house, and these recent purchases from Etsy cost very little but are fantastic!

Frida Kahlo water colours. From here. £2.86 for a hand painted picture? Who wouldn’t. They are so beautiful!

Hairy Legs patch, I just loved this straight away and thought it was just so awesome! This is from here.  For £1.70? Who can complain.

The two oil paintings. Iscream and bananas are oil paintings, the shop isn’t there any more which is a massive shame, but these cost me £5 each.

I got the frames from Ikea. If you can afford to get your artwork framed professionally. I would always say yes do! We alas are in that stage of not having the funds to afford that, so I got these from Ikea and the matt grey is lovely, and the frames do a great job. Nice and affordable. They cost me £2.75 each.



That chest a draws which houses our products and important documents and such..post-its and glitter really.. well that was part of a bunch of furniture I got off ebay that cost me £2.00 altogether! Bargain right. My camera display was a shelving unit I found on the side of the street. I cleaned it and did it up, and now it holds my cameras. This little section is kind of vintage inspired with my parasol (99p at the charity shop) and my £10 typewriter. Pair that with an old mustard tin..and well I am back in 1950. The orange tree which is  real, well thats just a birthday present, which I am looking forward to picking fruits on.  My spotty rug? Reduced in Ikea to £15! had a few splotches on it which easily came off! Bargain it is.

Orange-tree-and-type-writers camera-display








I also was given a lemon tree which sits proudly in front of two more of Abby’s chairs on top of my vintage letraset. Which I got from a charity shop for next to nothing. I have been told by my graphics friends this was an amazing find. I’m looking for ripe lemons to pick too!



So here we have my desk. My lamp? £19 from Ikea. the rest of the decor ranges from many places.


Ok so we know my love of lego, and when Richard brought me a variety box from Legoland which cost £25 I thought I’d build a washi tape holder..was pretty fun although took a few attempts to get it right, but I am over the moon with the results. Keep an eye out in charity shops because lego is always coming in!


With my cacti which I have had for 5 years, and a wicker basket I got from Broadway Market a few months ago, having little things like this make me happy. I am a sucker for plants and colour.


Jet’aime card I got from Etsy here. I love this, I think I will probably get it framed! add to my wall.



Then it’s just a few of my favourite office supplies. A stapler from Paperchase which was reduced, lego pencil holder which is Richards, wrapping ribbon from Ikea which cost £1.25.




Finally on my desk, some old black organisers I had from ages ago which I just spray painted gold. Such a quick an inexpensive way to up-cycle something.



Then my bookcase. Which Richard built me, still standing too! haha


So there is my new office, rather exciting, and it’s a nice place to job hunt from!

But I managed to do this without spending much money at all, with just utilising what I already had, up-cycling bits, and a few bargains from Ikea and Etsy! 

I believe in looking what’s around you first and seeing if you can revive it you know!!

Anyway I hope you all had a lovely weekend! And I will see you all soon!!





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